Sheeva Stomp Spam Wins C9 Keeoh $100k MK11 Tournament

by in Entertainment | Apr, 20th 2021

With 100K on the line in an MK11 tournament, C9 Keeoh used Sheeva Stomp spam to secure a victory. It apparently made several people online horribly upset. It got to the point where C9 Keeoh apologized publicly for the controversy he caused, but should he have to? Absolutely not! “We here at Esports Talk agree with SonicFox’s stance on C9 Keeoh’s Sheeva play:

“Bruh youre playing to win dont apologize for nothin lmaooo”

Shroud Faces Defeat Under Sheeva’s Feet

Now, Sheeva’s a pretty controversial character. She’s not liked at all, thanks to the “Dragon Drop”. That’s the Sheeva Stomp that C9 Keeoh used to spam through all of his foes in MK11. It’s a move you have to understand how to defend against, or someone can drop it on you over and over. In the clip of shroud playing, you can see him try to walk away, only to find the mighty four-armed Sheeva stomp on him from offscreen, again and again.

This took place during the MK11 Annihilator Cup, where 100,000 dollars was on the line. Every week, this tournament features a different game. This week’s was MK11 and it seems like nobody involved really plays the game. After the tournament concluded, C9 Keeoh apologized because it apparently caused quite a stir:

“Hey guys just want to apologize for the controversy I caused today. I didn’t realize how upset people and their communities would get after playing Sheeva. I’m not a Mortal Kombat expert and just picked someone that I thought would work. Didn’t expect the reaction I got from a lot of chatters today. I apologized in private as well as gifted some subs to a few of my opponents. Not trying to make any bad impressions.”

C9 Keeoh, take it from us: It isn’t your place to feel bad in this situation. You’re playing for pride, but most importantly, you’re playing for money. When we were kids, some of us talked about “playing with honor”. No trapping people in corners, no throws. That’s nonsense though. You get the win however you get it. When this kind of money is on the line, and your opponent doesn’t have an answer for your strategy, you keep doing it.

There’s no sense in feeling bad because people didn’t take some time to practice or learn MK11 before competing for money. When reading the responses to SonicFox, I saw the reaction I expected. “It’s 100k, don’t pull no punches.”  Others said if players didn’t learn how to defend against Sheeva, they deserve the L they received.

If one of the greatest MK players of all time, SonicFox tells you not to sweat it, listen to the man. Things will be easier on Keeoh next week we imagine since the name of the game is Halo 3. But for now, he should relax, and enjoy his victory. In Killer Instinct, this writer abused Cinder’s infinite, and had zero compunctions about freeze spam with Sub-Zero in MK 3. When money is on the line, you do what it takes to secure a victory. So at the end of the day, C9’s Keeoh earned the MK11 tournament win with Sheeva Stomp spam.

The other streamer’s communities might be upset, but the FGC as a whole isn’t going to let C9 Keeoh be upset. He absolutely earned his victory. If someone falls for the same trap over and over, that’s not your fault.


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