Shanghai Dragons Lockdown First Place Results in the 2020 Overwatch League

by in Overwatch | Aug, 18th 2020

After many tumultuous months, we finally know who’s the best in the Overwatch League as the final results pour in for 2020, at least standings-wise — the Shanghai Dragons and the Philadelphia Fusion have both secured first place in their own respective regions. 

If we look at the standings as a whole, however, the Shanghai Dragons stand tall in sole possession of first place with a staggering record: 27 wins and just 2 losses across the entire season. They’ve already played all of their regular-season matches and will now await for the rest of the playoff picture to resolve before potentially going on yet another incredible run. 

When you factor in their mind-blowing +44 map differential, you start to realize just how bafflingly dominant and commanding the Dragons have been throughout the year. This very well could be the biggest 180 turn from an organization in esports history — the fact that they went from 0-40 to darn near perfect in the span of two years is just awe-inspiring. 

One could argue that the Philadelphia Fusion is equally as impressive, with 24 wins and 2 losses on the board, and it’s quite a shame we couldn’t see these two giants fight against each other throughout the year. Fortunately, the Fusion at least had the San Francisco Shock to compete with (and have mostly lost whenever it mattered), unlike the Dragons who’ve pretty much outclassed everyone on a weekly basis in the Asian region. 

As far as seasonal accomplishments go, the Dragons have bested Seoul Dynasty back in the Asian May Melee (4-3, a reverse sweep for the ages), they’ve fallen short to the Guangzhou Charge in the Summer Showdown (2-4) before once again claiming the regional throne with a clean 4-0 over Hangzhou Spark in the Countdown Cup.

As far as resumes go, the Dragons have quite an epic one. It’ll be interesting to see them clash with North America’s best teams, and fortunately, we won’t have to wait for much to see that happen. Will their 2020 results lead to the Dragon’s hold on to first place in the Overwatch League, or will someone else rise for the crown?


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