SFV Summer Update Brings Oro and Akira, Teases Luke

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 4th 2021

The SFV Summer Update is coming on August 16th, and it’s a major milestone for the current season. We have two characters coming, and a third dropping later this year. Back in the Spring Update, we had teases of both Oro and Akira, and they finally come to life! We also got a brief peak at the upcoming Mystery Character, that debuts in November. Capcom said that this Mystery Character is a sneak peek into the “future” of Street Fighter. Does that mean they are a Street Fighter VI character that’s going to lead the way into the next game? If so, on a personal level, I’m not very excited. Luke looks mediocre at best, at least on an aesthetic level.

Oro and Akira Bring The Heat

Oro. That’s right, Oro’s finally on the way! Hailing from Street Fighter 3, and looking just as creepy and majestic as ever, the wandering hermit’s back. Unlike in Street Fighter 3 though, both of his arms are free. Well, sort of. Instead of having his arm bound to give people a fair chance, Oro has found a friend! An adorable turtle friend that he holds in one hand. So yes, Oro still utilizes the one-arm fighting style he’s famous for.

What can Oro do though? His V-Skill is “Onibi”, and summons a bouncing projectile that can go in three different trajectories. It looks incredibly frustrating and should allow Oro to put together some annoying setups. His V-Skill II is “Minomushi”. Oro launches into a short hop that has a pair of follow-up attacks. Kaki Otoshi is an overhead, and Eda Uchi is a kick that’s safer on block than normal. Both options are nice for sure. If your opponent can’t deal with projectiles well, the choice is very clear to me.

V-Trigger I is Manrikitan, and that gives Oro access to a pair of command grabs: Kishinriki and Kishin Kuchu Jigoku Guruma. The first is a ground grab and the second is an aerial command grab. You might be asking “What about Tengu Stone? It was the best!” and that’s his V-Trigger II! A series of objects will float around Oro, granting access to some great combo possibilities. There’s also a stronger version of Tengu Stone, by holding down while activating V-Trigger II. Tengu Midare Stone will have five objects, but it drains the meter faster.

Then we have Akira Kazama, who made her name in Rival Schools. She’s an up-close fighter but does have access to some Ki energy attacks, like the Kiko Kai. It’s a short-range blast that makes me think of Dan, and the EX version shoots farther/faster. Akira’s melee attacks are flashy and look to be very aggressive. Big fan of the style. What about the big moves though? Akira’s V-Skill I is Kiko Rensei, and it enhances the Kiko Kai. It allows more hits, and greater damage, so nice and simple. V-Skill II is Tsutenda. This will launch her opponent into the air to make follow-up strikes. The air combos that come from this are called “Air Bursts”. Then we have her V-Triggers. V-Trigger I is Otoko No Senaka and features Akira’s brother, Daigo. He drops from the sky and nails the opponent! V-Trigger II is Haten no Kamae, which changes Akira’s stance. This will let her use three different follow-up strikes. Each is different, or you can cancel and throw instead. It’s a great way to set up frame traps, mixups, or other shenanigans.

Both Oro and Akira show up in the SFV Summer Update on August 16, and that’s fantastic. Thanks to Capcom, there’s also awesome footage of Akira showing off.

What About Luke?

The fifth and final Season 5 character was revealed in the SFV Summer Update: Luke! He’s going to “help expand the world of Street Fighter.” He looks like he is a brother to Guile. His tattoo that stretches across his upper torso reminds me of the Air Force in some ways. He’s also got a series of stars tattooed across one forearm. We don’t know a lot about him, but he’s open to rudely taunt his opponents, and wants to be “a man like him.”

Luke will drop in November 2021, and we truly don’t know a lot about him yet. He’s an MMA-style character though, and it seems like he doesn’t attack with the precision an MMA fighter might normally. He seems more aggressive, reckless. To celebrate the Summer Update for SFV, a Free Trial is going down on PS4, between August 4 and 18th. It gives access to all of the Season 1-4 characters.

On top of that, SFV and the Upgrade Kit are discounted on PSN, and the Season 5 Premium/Character passes are discounted for the first time. In addition, the SFV: CE + Season 5 Pass and Upgrade Kit + Season 5 Pass Bundles are discounted.


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