Street Fighter V Releases Gill and Reveals Seth During Capcom Cup 2019

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 16th 2019

Gill wasn’t enough?! He’s frustrating enough to deal with (guess it’s time to practice him!), but now Seth is coming back too? That’s right, the final boss of Street Fighter IV is joining the final boss of Street Fighter III in SFV: Seth!

Character 39: Gill and Balance Changes:

Why? Why Gill? I’ve been asking myself that for weeks now, with no answer to be found. The 39th character is available in SFV for 5.99, or 100,000 Fight Money, but you can always wait. If you want, he’s coming with the other DLC in SFV: Champion Edition in February 2020.

Gill, his elemental powers and incredible Critical Art are already in the game, as are the major balance changes. Everyone’s new V-Skill 2 are available after you update today. It appears that most of the cast has gotten better, with only a handful of characters receiving (needed) nerfs.

Pretty much everyone else seems to be much stronger. This is courtesy of HiFight’s chart on Twitter. I’d be here all day if I talked about everyone that was changed, so you can find the patch notes here. There are a variety of things I really like about this, like Karin’s specials having reduced stun. She just always felt so damn powerful to me, and this combined with some changes to her Forward Throw will fix this. She’ll be put in a few more high risk/high reward situations, instead of always feeling dominant anywhere (to me, at least).

Another positive in my eyes are the changes to Sagat. The frame disadvantage of his Standing HP and crouching HK on whiff were reduced. He can use this as distance control tools a bit easier and safer now. The Tiger Shot Circus is back! His Tiger Assault (V-Trigger 2) was pretty much great in all situations. To counterbalance this, V-Trigger 1 was buffed to be more reliable and usable. Perhaps more people will pick it. I’m definitely going to try it.

But without further ado: Character 40: Seth!

Seth and The Tanden Engine Come to SFV

What made Seth stand out so much and be a threat in Street Fighter IV is the Tanden Engine. It’s his literal core. Seth could emulate several characters’ abilities. He had Guile’s Sonic Boom (as a fireball motion), Chun-Li’s Lightning Kick, Dhalsim’s extendo-matic arms, and Zangief’s spinning piledriver. Oh yeah, and Akuma’s Dive Kick, Ryu/Ken’s Shoryuken, Urien’s Chariot Tackle, and so much more. Most of these were also much easier to use than the original. Seth’s body did not survive the epilogue of Street Fighter V, but that doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

Seth was always more machine than man. Seth’s biological brain has been transplanted into a new body, “Doll Unit Zero”. That’s right, Seth’s in a female body now. The classic SF4 costume is still available, but now we have Female Seth in SFV.

One of the most important things is that Seth’s Ability Stealing is locked behind V-Skill 1: Tanden Engine. He sucks in his opponent and then blown back. This will give Seth access to that character’s special move for one use. After performing the move, it seems he will have to use his V-Skill again to re-gain access.

So far we know of Turn Punch (Balrog), Lightning Legs (Chun-Li), Tiger Knee (Sagat), Double Knee Press (M. Bison), Flip Kick (Juri), and Sonic Boom (Guile). I’m sure we’ll see more of this in the future. I like this more if I’m honest. Just having all of this stuff for free without working for it made Seth incredible.

Seth’s Second V-Skill in SFV is “Tanden Booster”. He can no longer replicate specials with it, but it offers something for other players: Seth can use it to juggle enemies for greater damage. The first part makes Seth dash forward full screen. The dash can be canceled with the same V-Skill input, or he can choose to go into one of his special attacks. If he does, the abilities gain additional effects.

A few examples of that are known. Hecatoncheires (Rapid Punches) becomes Hecatoncherires Glide. The “Hecatoncheires Glide” is safe on block, and the opponent is still standing at the end for mix-up possibilities.

Capcom Unity spoke about another possibility:

“The Cruel Disaster pirouette kick becomes Spin Pendulum, a move that causes a knockdown and can be used for oki,” according to Capcom Unity. He can also transition into his Target Combo and standing Heavy Punch.

We also know his V-Triggers! V-Trigger 1 is “Tanden Ignition”, and is a 3-bar V-Trigger. I’m not 100% certain about what it does, but it looks like he can cancel his ground and air attacks into teleports. I can see this being very viable for combo creation/extension though.

From what we’ve seen though, Hecatoncheires moves into a teleport Titanomachy gut punch. The Mad Cradle DP transitions into a Descending Drill, and The Cruel Disaster becomes a Cyclone Disaster crescent kick. Seth’s Annihilate Sword dive kick will is shown to shift into the Hell’s Gate palm thrust.

We’ve also heard that Seth’s Tanden Ignition will let him transition into teleport followups after using stolen moves. That’s going to be absolutely bonkers. Seth’s V-Trigger 2 creates a controllable projectile that he can use to keep his opponent in the air. At the end of the attack, the orb explodes, and even further juggles can be set up. Unlike V-Trigger 1, V-Trigger 2 costs 2 bars. The sphere can be moved 4 times before it erupts as well.

Finally, Seth’s SFV Critical Art. It’s very similar to his SF4 Ultra and has a near full-screen reach. It has a similar cinematic from Street Fighter IV and promises to bring back some not-so-fond memories. Seth will be playable on February 14th, 2020, and I can only imagine he will be included in the SFV: Champion Edition.

What I wonder about that edition though: Will later characters (released after CE’s launch) be included in the price?


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