Sentinels Valorant Esports Roster Revealed

by in Valorant | Apr, 30th 2020

Sentinels have struck early in Valorant esports, signing perhaps the most star-studded roster the game has yet seen from across Overwatch, CS:GO, and Apex Legends.

Sentinels Seek Valorant Excellence

Building around the already signed Jared “Zombs” Gitlin, who transferred from Sentinels Apex Legends to form this Valorant squad, the team picked the face of Western Overwatch Jay “Sinatraa” Won from the San Francisco Shock. Additionally, they’ve rounded out their current roster of four by grabbing two extremely experienced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros, Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan and Hunter “SicK” Mims.

“I have been anxiously awaiting the launch of Valorant and am excited by the early popularity of the game,” said Charlie Lipsie, director of esports for Sentinels. “This is a perfect opportunity for us to expand our horizons as an organization, and to give our fans from our other games a new way to cheer for Sentinels.”

Across these four players, it’s clear that the organization wanted to build around players that not only had experience but stage experience at big events where they know what it takes to deal with the pressure and bring home the gold.

Sentinels Founder Rob Moore added, “Our goals as an organization are to connect our fans to the biggest, most exciting games in esports, and to recruit championship caliber teams as we have in other games like Fortnite and Halo. Signing on Sinatraa, ShaZaM, and SicK to join our organization further cements Sentinels as a home for world-class players and teams.”

Hidden Benefits of Striking Early in Valorant Esports

One of the critiques this move and others across esports has drawn is that Valorant is far from ready for showtime when it comes to esports. While Riot has outlined some of what they expect to happen for Valorant esports in its opening months, the game still has a long way to go before its esports ready.

One of the main things the client is missing at present is a true observer client with tools that make the game easy to view. Right now, broadcasters are relying on switching views between players, and for various streamers are still streaming their POVs as well.

Many have questioned whether the skills of players in other games will carry over to this new title. While it shares some DNA with both CS:GO and Overwatch, it is unique in its own right. However, teams like Sentinels are betting big that Overwatch League MVP Sinatraa, as well as their CS:GO pros, will be able to translate their massive amount of experience into early victories for the organization.

These players also come with their fanbases from other titles. Players such as Sinatraa have a decent streaming community alongside their resume of MVP trophies and carry with them the clout and name recognition that a team might require to stand out in a sea of early entries into the game. Surely, Sentinels has now at least purchased some notoriety by bringing on four known quantities onto their team. Other teams, such as T1, have done similar by recruiting former CS:GO pros who were banned such as Brax and AZK, while also growing talent native to Valorant in Crashies.

When Will Sentinels Take to the Valorant Servers?

The odd thing about Valorant esports right now is that the only events are invitationals run by teams, as well as various tier-three events. There aren’t any officially sanctioned Riot events for the game just yet. However, as the closed beta rolls on (and the coronavirus pandemic begins to abate,) we may see teams like Sentinels roll out.

In the meantime, expect the team to be streaming, building their fanbase with the rapidly growing Valorant community, and perhaps participating in the odd community tournament here and there.


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