Seiko Caught Playing Two Games at the Grandmasters Match

by in General | Sep, 17th 2019

Multi-tasking, while you’re playing a game, isn’t a rare phenomenon. I’m often guilty of browsing Reddit or reading articles while waiting to respawn in League or waiting for the next round in Siege.

While I don’t personally see any issue with this pub games, there is a time and place for it, and a big-name tournament is not one of them.

German Hearthstone pro-player Seiko learned that lesson the hard way this weekend. He failed to pay attention to a pro-level match this weekend in favor of an Auto Chess tournament qualifier he was also participating in.

Make Hearth Not Auto Chess

The drama began during a match in the European division of the Grandmaster League, with Seiko taking on Swedish player Bozzzton in a best of three match.

During the final game of the Seiko Grandmasters Match, the pro was looking down at something else while ending his turn, forgetting to prep one of his cards and costing him the game.

With the Twitch chat utterly confused by his failure to perform a simple maneuver for someone of his caliber, many wondered what was drawing his attention.

According to caster Sottle, who could see what was going on, Seiko was distracted playing his qualifiers for a $1 million Auto Chess tournament, a move he called, “insulting to the GM program and to thousands of players who would kill to be in [that] position.”

The community quickly reacted with fury at Seiko for his behavior, forcing the pro to release a statement on Twitlonger. He apologized to his fanbase, noting he believed he could manage to play both games at the same time but had failed in the matter.

He noted he’d made it onto the next phase of the Auto Chess tournament, but due to its conflict with Grandmasters, would be resigning from it.

For Blizzard’s part, no punishment appears to be in store for Seiko, as Hearthstone’s Head of Esports released a statement stating,

“Our initial response was intended to reflect that scheduling could not be adjusted to accommodate Seiko’s request. We didn’t intend for him to play directly over a Grandmaster event, and mistakenly understood that Seiko would play the Hearthstone Matches and work this around the other tournament he was participating in. The expectation is that players should be entirely present for their Grandmasters Matches. That being said, we acknowledge and apologize that our response to Seiko obviously engendered confusion and our communication will be more clear in the future. Next week Seiko must be present and play his match or be subject to the rules of missing a match. We expect the absolute best from our players and will continue to strive to bring our viewers the best competitive hearthstone possible week after week.”

While Seiko has gotten off with merely a warning this time, the community was not happy with Blizzard’s response to the Seiko Grandmasters match, with many calling for the pro to be kicked from the tournament as a warning to others.

Whether he’s banned now or not, it’s going to cost him goodwill with the community for a long while.


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