Second Sonic Movie Coming to the Game Awards, Revealing New Poster

by in Entertainment | Dec, 9th 2021

The Sonic movie has seemingly become a resounding win for game adaptations in the film industry. After the resounding cry for a better Sonic design from the fans of the series, the film crew went back to the drawing board and reworked the design of the blue blur, turning the creepy design into a more faithful design of the character.

The first movie launched on Valentine’s Day of 2020, and while the world fell into a pandemic, many people considered the Sonic movie to be a spin on the character, but also remained somewhat faithful to the character.

With performances from both Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik, and Ben Schwartz as Sonic, fans of the franchise walked out of the theaters with smiles on their faces knowing that the character was done justice in the movie. Even though the design was changed, the story remained the same, and it seems that with the second movie coming closer to release, the same amount of fun is going to remain the same when the movie comes out in 2022.

However, fans haven’t had their first look at the movie at all, until now. The poster for the movie was shown online today, and to top this off, there’s also some more information about the film that’s going to have people excited.

Sonic Movie Poster, and Tails’ VA

Posted by the Sonic movie Twitter, the film’s poster shows a lot of things from the Sonic games brought into real life. For one, in the poster, Sonic and Tails are both seen being chased by Jim Carey as Robotnik, who’s now sporting a more classic Eggman design. However, some of the Badniks, the enemies from the games, are also shown to be included. The only one visible in the trailer is the Buzzer, a wasp-themed Badnik.

Another major nod to the original Genesis games is the existence of the plane that Sonic and Tails are riding on. For those who aren’t familiar with the Sonic games, this plane is called the Tornado. This plane is owned by Sonic, but he lets Tails freely use the plane. Tails usually appear to be a much better pilot compared to Sonic, however, the plane has become a staple of the duo in the early Genesis titles.

The new Sonic movie poster showcases the addition of Tails

Knuckles doesn’t appear in the poster for the film, although it’s already confirmed that the echidna is going to be played by actor Idris Elba. The poster also shows one thing that the film hasn’t mentioned at all, its release date. The film Is slated to hit theaters April 8th.

However, this isn’t the only information to come out about the film. The current voice actress for Tails, Collen O’Shaughnessey, has announced that she’s going to continue to be the voice of Tails in both the games and the movie, meaning that she’s one of the few VA’s who’s going to be making their way from the games to the silver screen.

This is in contrast to the casting for the Mario movie, Sonic’s direct competitor this upcoming year. With their cast being a complete star-studded lineup. While Sonic’s cast has some notable actors like Jim Carrey and Idris Elba, however, the voice acting roles of Sonic and Tails are going to people who have had plenty of previous voice acting, on top of one of them being in the actual games, voicing the same character.

The amount of support for O’Shaughnessey’s role in the movie has been outstanding, to say the least. The director of the film, Jeff Fowler, retweeted the post revealing that O’Saughnessey got the role, stating, “Welcome back Colleen! We could not be more lucky to have you!!”

Another actor from the film, Lee Majdoub, who played Agent Stone in the first film, congratulated her on her role. “This is such wonderful news!!! So happy @VOColleen is back as TAILS in #SonicMovie2”

Even the current voice actor for Dr. Eggman, Mike Pollock retweeted the post, stating that O’Shaughnessey should be verified with this role in the film solidified.

With all this in mind, this seems like it’s going to continue what the first film did, and perhaps will be more faithful to what made Sonic so Likeable in the first place. It appears that this question will be answered when the trailer for the film drops tomorrow at the game awards.


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