Seattle Surge Sign Decemate as a Starting Player

by in Call of Duty | May, 3rd 2021

The Seattle Surge is making a huge change with its starting lineup this season, the first one that Surge has done thus far this year. The Surge will be adding a new member to the team. That player is none other than Decemate, who will be joining the team as a starting player. 

Decemate Is Joining the Seattle Surge

The team announced that Decemate would be a starting player for the Seattle Surge on Twitter, noting, hilariously enough, with an asterisk that this deal is “pending league approval” at this time. We haven’t seen that in an announcement before, so this one must be coming in hot. 

Presumably, this is a contract that was just signed by Decemate and the Seattle Surge organization, and one that has happened so quickly that the league organizers at Activision haven’t had a chance to approve just yet. That said, we don’t see any reason it wouldn’t be approved so long as it follows the set rules for the 2021 season in terms of salary and other details.

Regardless, it seems that Decemate will be the new fourth member of the starting lineup and one that Seattle likely hopes will help it make a comeback this season and stage after a very disappointing run thus far. Unfortunately, this does mean that it will come at the cost of one player. 

As you can expect, the signing of Decemate does mean that one of the starting members of the team is being benched immediately. Unfortunately, that player is Loony, who moved to the sub position for the team for the rest of the 2021 season. 

Loony Is Moving to the Bench

With this move, Decemate will be joining the other three existing starting players of Octane, Prestinni, and Gunless as the new full squad for the team. Loony will remain with the organization for now as the “most beneficial fifth man in the league”, according to head coach Nubzy. 

This tells us that Loony may be loaned to other teams in the Challengers division possibly but will always be there with his main goal of being a substitute should any need arise. This also is a worrying part as it could indicate that the organization is not too confident in this move. 

That doesn’t guarantee that this is the case. However, it is concerning that the team is already looking to Loony to fill in the gaps and fully use him as a sub or even support of some kind when they are just now switching up the roster.

This marks the first time that the Seattle Surge has switched up its roster since the 2021 season began. This is notable as the team went wild last year, making some of the most changes we saw during the inaugural season. Thus far, though, the team has tried to stick to its guns with its initial squad. 

Decemate’s First Two Matches Are This Week

However, that is changing as we near the halfway point of the current 2021 season during the middle of the third stage. There is only one week of the normal weekly matches left in the group portion and then it is time for the main event: the third Major tournament. 

During this week, the Surge will get its first two matches with Decemate now part of the crew, starting first against the Atlanta FaZe where it will be tested against the number one team in the league currently. The team’s final match for the team will be against none other than the London Royal Ravens. 

Both teams are right next to each other in the standings as the bottom two teams on the leaderboard. The Royal Ravens made its own set of changes earlier in the season that has seen some significant improvements for the team, winning against the New York Subliners in a surprising upset and then getting close to victory against Atlanta FaZe. 

That match against London will be a true test of the new Seattle Surge roster with Decemate joining them, so we will have to wait and see how it will turn out. But even if the team was able to get two wins this week, it is unlikely that the Surge will be in the upper bracket of the next Major, so they are looking at a potentially uphill battle. 

Decemate Has Found Success in the Challengers Division Recently

For those who don’t know Decemate, he is a Call of Duty League pro player who has been in the Challengers division this season playing with some of the other pros released from their teams, like Slacked and Methodz. After last year’s season, he has seen some success thereafter. He was released from his former team, the Los Angeles Guerrillas. 

The most significant success was in the Stage 2 playoffs in the Challengers division, where his team was able to win it, nabbing some of the biggest prize money we’ve seen thus far in the division. That was alongside none other than Drazah, who is currently doing quite well for himself with his return to the Los Angeles Thieves

Decemate has also previously played with Insight and did well with him earlier in the 2021 season. Insight is one of the star players of the unbelievable Toronto Ultra, who have won eight matches in a row. We shall see if Seattle can experience its growth soon with this huge change, as the third stage’s third week of normal matches is just a few days away at this time.


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