Seattle Surge Pick Up Classic for Stage 4

by in Call of Duty | May, 25th 2021

Seattle Surge has revealed the latest member of the Call of Duty League 2021 season team just in time for the fourth stage to begin. A Seattle Surge Classic deal has been announced, bringing the former Paris Legion player into the mix with the struggling team.

Seattle Surge Classic Deal Revealed

Seattle Surge is currently considered the worst team in the entire Call of Duty League this season, which is, sadly, not too far off from where the team was last year, either. It is clear that the last-placed team needs to make some huge changes if it wants to turn this season around.

Fortunately, the Call of Duty League team announced on Twitter that a Seattle Surge Classic deal has been made. For the foreseeable future, it seems that NickyD himself will be joining the starting lineup for the team for the fourth stage of the season and perhaps even the reason of the year.

This is great news for Classic as a talented and decently popular player who has been part of some fantastic teams in the past. It just so happened that the dice rolled wrong for him this year as he was part of the ill-fated Paris Legion roster that has been also struggling considerably alongside Seattle.

From one of the bottom teams in the league this season to another, this Seattle Surge Classic deal will see the player switch from the second-worst around to the worst one. While that might seem like a downgrade, there is the chance that this could be the switch to help Seattle out.

Classic Will Leave Paris and Join Seattle

Classic Already Has History With Some Surge Players

The one part of this that does work in his favor is the fact that the Seattle Surge roster has a couple of familiar faces to NickyD. Both Gunless and Octane are two players that know Classic decently well, and that especially goes for the star of the Seattle team: Octane.

Octane and Classic go back many years and seasons ago, having played together in several different Call of Duty titles over the years. Both are experienced pros with some of the deepest legacies in the franchise that are still going today, so this return to familiar faces could benefit them both.

If they can channel some of the energy that they had in the past, like as part of the Luminosity Gaming team during the Infinity Warfare season, they could very well make some upsets here once again against some of the great teams this season.

Whatever the case, the Seattle Surge Classic needs to pay off for both sides of the equation if they wish to have a chance to play in the playoffs later this season and earn some hefty amounts of cash. Only the top eight teams in the standings at the end of the season will be allowed into that tournament.

Seattle Surge Needs to Starting Making a Comeback in Stage 4

Sitting in last place right now, Seattle Surge has a long way to go to get to eighth but it is possible if the team makes a comeback now, starting with the fourth stage of the season that is about to begin. Later this week, Seattle will have its first match of the stage with Classic now part of the crew and Loony on the bench, instead of playing on the starting lineup.

There is only one match for the team this week and it is against the Los Angeles Thieves, one of the best teams in the league. In fact, the LA Thieves are potentially more dangerous than ever before with the addition of reigning champ Huke to the lineup, but this is a good chance for Seattle.

The Thieves have proven already that they are still figuring out how to get Huke to work well with the rest of the members, despite the immense talent that all four players have. This is a slight opening that, if the Seattle Surge are able to exploit with their pre-existing connections, could see a major upset later this week to start off the fourth stage in a grand way.

For now, we will have to wait and see as the Seattle Surge are currently in the group of death for the fourth stage with four of the very best teams in it. But they are also in the group with Paris Legion, offering them the chance to knock the Legion down to the last place spot, if handled well.


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