Seattle Surge Pandur Becomes First Player to Substitute Mid-Match

by in Call of Duty | May, 26th 2020

Seattle Surge is busy hosting the latest Call of Duty League Home Series Weekend, which happens to be the sixth in total and the first of the second half of the first season of the league. Even so, that hasn’t stopped the pro team from being the first to substitute using Seattle Surge Pandur.

Seattle Surge Substitution Mid-Match

Thus far in the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League, no team has used the substitution rule to bring in a player from the bench to play in the main match. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been subs in the past, but never in the middle of an actual match.

But that just happened for the very first time during the sixth Home Series Weekend event, hosted by Seattle Surge. The hosting team decided to substitute Seattle Surge Pandur in favor of Enable, one of the main starting players on the current roster of the team.

This wasn’t necessarily done because Enable is a bad player as that isn’t the case at all, but done to capitalize on the skills that Pandur has and avoid the weaknesses that Enable has on certain modes. It was a smart move overall, but it was certainly surprising for viewers.

In the Call of Duty League, it works much like the physical sports leagues as the NBA and NFL do. Teams can make substitutions in the middle of a match in between rounds. If a player is losing stamina, focus, or just not doing well overall, it can be smart to trade the player in for someone fresh.

Common in Other Sports But Not the Call of Duty League

This is something that regularly happens in other sports leagues out there, but it is something that the Call of Duty League has been oddly adverse to thus far in the season. Not a single team has taken advantage of this approach to handling substitutes, with each team sticking to its starting roster and never backing down from that decision.

Even if the team is not doing well in the match and seems to be losing, none of the teams have decided to sub someone in to take the place of a player who needs to rest or is not doing the best. Well, at least until now when the Seattle Surge Pandur substitution happened.

During the first day of competition in the Seattle Home Series Weekend on Friday night, May 22, Seattle Surge was playing against New York Subliners in the marquee match of the night. It was the Surge’s first match in the event and it was their chance to show that they could hold their own.

As the hosts of the event, this was their home field advantage and they had to prove themselves. Given how the Seattle Surge team hasn’t played well thus far, perhaps, this was the motivation needed to require the team to be the first in the Call of Duty League to sub mid-match.

Why the Substitution Was Suddenly Made

How it went down was the New York Subliners and Seattle Surge faced off in the first round of the match on Gun Runner in the Hardpoint game mode. In this game mode, New York Subliners was able to get a mostly simple victory by nailing it 250 points to 175 on Gun Runner, giving them the lead.

It was after this first-round loss that the Seattle Surge Pandur substitution was made. The two competing teams were moving into the second round of the competition where it would be Search and Destroy on Arklov Peak. This is something that is noticeably Enable’s weakness in Modern Warfare.

It makes sense to take out Enable and put someone in like Casey Pandur who is markedly better at getting those Search and Destroy round wins. Though this change was smart, it wasn’t ultimately enough to help Seattle Surge win the second round of the match.

They still lost in Search and Destroy six rounds to four, giving New York Subliners an even better lead in the match, so the substitution didn’t end up being as fruitful as Seattle Surge was likely hoping. However, they were able to win one round but New York Subliners were the winners of the match overall.

Will This Lead to More Sudden Subs in the Future?

This gave New York Subliners the leading chance at winning the group stage for its group at the Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend, just like we recently predicted when we broke down the event. Be sure to stay tuned soon for our full results of what happened at this event and how everything has changed for the Call of Duty League standings.

In the meantime, it is impressive that Seattle Surge was the first team ever to make a substitution like this so casually in the Call of Duty League. Even in the longer Call of Duty history of pro competitions, there has been only one other sub like this that has happened and that was necessary due to a player sickness.

In the case of Pandur coming into play, it was reportedly solely because of trying to get a better lead when it came to Search and Destroy. This is a much more casual sub reason and it brings the question of whether or not this will become a pretty common thing soon.

Given that Seattle Surge has made good on the rule that no other team has done before, it paves the way for other teams to do this in the future. This might be good actually for teams that are not doing the best in the middle of the match and for giving the benched players a chance to shine.

Because, otherwise, the benched players in the Call of Duty League get little to no action in the league as they can’t compete in official events outside of the league-regulated matches themselves. The only hope for them is moving to the starting roster, which does happen a lot.

Recently, a lot of teams have been making major changes and shifts in their teams with bringing in new players and shifting benched players to the starting roster to help make improvements. However, that is something that always happens outside of events like the Seattle Surge Home Series Weekend tournament.


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