Seattle Surge Drops Decemate After Only Two Weeks

by in Call of Duty | May, 19th 2021

In one of the most unusual situations that we have seen for a team, the Seattle Surge has announced a major roster change. The change has to do with Decemate, the latest member of the team who will not be sticking around on the roster for the upcoming fourth stage of the CDL.

Decemate Is Leaving Seattle Surge

The Call of Duty League team announced on Twitter that Decemate is leaving the Seattle Surge roster, effective immediately. Now, this is weird for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that the team is being blatantly honest about the fact that they are parting ways with him.

That is something that is usually swept under the rug when it comes to roster changes, with an organization usually highlighting a new roster of players and the community having to fill in the blanks to realize that a certain player has been dropped or moved to the bench.

Or, alternatively, we will hear about what happens from the players themselves through their own social media account. But it is becoming increasingly more common for teams to openly announce that it has dropped a certain player or is moving them to the bench.

While Seattle Surge did announce that it is dropping Decemate in the tweet from the roster, that is far from the only weird part about this situation. Furthermore, it is strange that the team’s future is looking rather strange right now with this decision made.

This Decision Was “Mutually” Decided

No Replacement Has Been Announced

Perhaps they are still in talks with certain players that they are interested in joining the Seattle Surge starting roster, but the situation is not resolved just yet. However, it would just make more sense to wait at that point until the contracts are signed and done to make this announcement.

This tells us that it could be a more frustrating situation like someone was in the works to join the roster but they backed out or it fell through for some reason in the end. This could mean that they were fully intending on announcing the new starting player at the same time as this but it didn’t work out for some reason.

In the meantime, Seattle Surge will need to figure something out, but, thankfully, there are plenty of players out there who are able to join the struggling team. Fantastic players like SlasheR and TJHaLy are currently not on the starting roster of the LA Thieves with the addition of Huke and return of Drazah, so they could potentially join Seattle.

There are also plenty of rookies out there that are part of the Challengers division that are rising talents that are worth picking up and could really help Seattle to improve. There are plenty of possibilities for what the Seattle Surge could do at this time; it is just up to the team to figure out the best solution for now.

They could even bring back Loony if they wanted to and have him play for the team temporarily while they figure out a more permanent solution. Loony was previously part of the starting lineup for the Seattle Surge, but he was replaced by the aforementioned Decemate recently before this sudden change.

Seattle Surge Is Struggling the Most This Season

That single change did little to improve the Seattle Surge’s outlook as they did potentially worse in the end. They didn’t have a single win in the third stage; neither in the group portion of the stage nor in the third Major that just concluded this past weekend.

This has them at the very bottom of the leaderboard at this time, marking them as currently the worst team in the 2021 season. For a long time, they were able to at least be better than the London Royal Ravens, but that has since changed with the gradual improvements for the Royal Ravens.

It is clear that the Seattle Surge need to make a huge shift in its strategy and team to improve from here on out if they want even a chance of being in the playoffs at the end of the season. This means they need to make a decision quickly, but one that is wise as well.

The fourth stage of the season is going to kick off in just over a week at this time, so there isn’t much time at all for the Surge to come up with a new player to fill the gap, practice with the team, and be ready for the main event matches when the group stage starts. We hope to have more news about the chosen player soon.


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