Seattle Surge 2022 Roster Finally Revealed and It Could Be the Dark Horse

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 21st 2021

The Call of Duty League 2022 season is still months away, but that does not stop the 12 teams in the league from confirming their rosters ahead of time. That has been happening all month long. It continues today with the Call of Duty League Seattle Surge 2022 roster reveal.

Seattle Surge 2022 Roster Announced

Accuracy Is Leading Seattle’s Revamp

Sure, the names that were part of the original Seattle lineup were quite impressive with Octane, Karma, and others in the mix, but this one smartly fixes many of the issues with that team and the one in 2021 had. Even in 2021, it sounded nice with Octane returning alongside other powerful veterans. 

But the problem with those teams is immense, with some veterans well past their prime while others did not gel well with one another or the game they were playing. Or, in the case of the 2021 team, they just did better at LAN rather than playing online. 

But with the Call of Duty League Seattle Surge 2022 roster, we have fixed most of these issues with a lineup that includes mostly fresh faces alongside the Accuracy veteran. Accuracy is a staple in the Call of Duty scene, the Iceman himself, who was ultimately kicked from Minnesota Rokkr

This is unfortunate given the performance that Accuracy gave that team this year, but now it is his time to shine as a leader for a younger group of players. He will likely be leading this group, with Mack coming up behind him as a talented young player in his prime. 

Mack, Sib, and Pred Are Amazing Young Players

Mack was a rookie back in 2020 for the New York Subliners and played again for them this year in what turned out to be a rather troublesome year for the team. In the end, it was no surprise that the Subliners dropped some players, including Mack, but this means that we get to see him shine somewhere else for once.

Mack is one of the smartest young players in the Call of Duty scene right now. He plays a calm and quiet game, one where he is always thinking ahead about his plays, which honestly probably did not gel too well with some of his former teammates who were more guns blazing. 

That said, Mack can pop off now in strategic ways as a pseudo-leader for this team. Joining him are two fresh faces with Sib, a very strong player who has not had the chance to shine much as he was the substitute for the Atlanta FaZe this year. 

And then there is Pred, a new up-and-coming star on this team and likely to be the X factor for the group. He dominated in the Challengers division this year and has the chance to be the new talk of the town in the upcoming 2022 season. 

We have heard considerably amazing things about Pred and the talent that he brings to the table, setting him up to be the next rookie star for the 2022 season. Overall, the Call of Duty League Seattle Surge 2022 roster is pretty impressive, and they certainly make sense together. 

Seattle Surge Has the Chance to Be the Dark Horse in 2022

Having a strong champ veteran alongside three newer faces, one of which is established already in the league with Mack, is a smart move. What Seattle needs to watch out for is that this team will be one of the newest in the league next year, which brings with it some hurdles. 

The Seattle Surge 2022 roster has the chance to do some impressive work, but it will take some hard grinding, work, and, most importantly, lessons learned to get there. This is a team that I would not be surprised to see not performing too well right out of the gate. 

That is likely since it will take some time to come together as a team, vibe well with one another, and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Strangely enough, given both Accuracy and Mack’s time on the Subliners at one point, I would liken them a lot to the Subliners of 2020. 

I could see them as a team that starts weak in the middle to lower tier of the pack. However, unlike the other teams in the league, it continuously gets better over time and throughout the different stages. It could be a slow process, but they could constantly improve until they are near the top in the end with the right dedication and effort. 

In this way, I see the new Seattle Surge team as the dark horse of the season thus far, having the opportunity to surprise people. I, for one, am hoping that this happens as I consider myself a fan of both Accuracy and Mack and wish to see them do their utmost best. For now, though, we will have to wait and see. 


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