Seattle Surge 2021 Call of Duty League Team Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 23rd 2020

The next Call of Duty League team has revealed the players that will be part of it in the upcoming 2021 season. This time around, the Seattle Surge 2021 team has been announced, and it is a lot more surprising than we expected for what was one of the worst teams in the 2020 season.

Seattle Surge 2021 Team Announced

Seattle Surge posted the official team lineup on their Twitter account with a video that showcases the four leading starting players who will make up the new Surge team in 2021. With several players’ removal, there is only one returning this season from the last Seattle team.

That player is none other than Octane, who many considered the star of the Seattle Surge’s inaugural team this year. Once the great Karma left the team and retired from the Call of Duty competitive scene for good, Octane was among the team’s favorites.

So it was no surprise that Seattle decided to build an entirely new team around Octane. He is the only person who will return from the old version of Surge. There will be three new players who will join the Seattle Surge 2021 team for the Call of Duty League.

Those three players are none other than Prestinni, Gunless, and Loony, who left their respective Call of Duty League teams or were released from them and are now joining Seattle’s lineup. The Seattle Surge 2021 team looks pretty strong, especially compared to the previous year.

Prestinni Joins Seattle Surge for 2021

This is an exciting group of players who are a bit random (to an extent), so it will be interesting to see how they team up together. Despite that, though, they are each quite good players in their own right. The first of these is Prestinni, who is the most impressive get for Seattle Surge.

Prestinni was one of the starters on the Chicago Huntsmen, the third-best team in the postseason and fourth-best team in the league’s normal season this year. He was one of the strongest players on that team. The team removed him as part of the changes for the next season.

The Call of Duty League 2021 season will change the match format to have four players against four, instead of the five on five matches held during this year. The gameplay returns to how the competitions were in the past, but there is a problem with this.

This major shift means that every team in the league has to drop one player from the team or start lineup, if not more. It led to a situation where the Chicago Huntsmen had to drop one player, and they chose one of the twins, Arcitys or Prestinni.

Gunless and Loony Round Out the Starting Lineup

Perhaps because they are brothers, the Huntsmen decided to drop both of them, maybe to make it not seem unfair towards the one brother. Since Arcitys joined the Atlanta FaZe as one of the starting members, Prestinni couldn’t join him there, so it looks like he will be one of the star players on Seattle.

Then there is Gunless next who is joining the Surge from Chicago Huntsmen as well. His situation is a bit more complicated as he started the season as one of the Huntsmen’s starting players. However, he eventually switched to the bench for the rest of the season, while Prestinni was one of the starters.

It looks like Gunless will finally get the chance to shine once again on the starting lineup of a Call of Duty League in the 2021 season as a Seattle Surge player, so fans of him should be thrilled now. And last but not least, rounding out the group is Loony, who was in a similar position to Gunless.

Loony was initially one of the starting players for the Toronto Ultra in the 2020 season. However, Ultra struggled most of the season and was one of the worst in the league for a while. Due to this, Loony eventually switched to the bench for the rest of the season.

Only a Few Call of Duty League Teams Have Announced Their Rosters

Simultaneously, the Toronto Ultra began to get much better at the end of the season and became one of the most shockingly improved teams of the league. Like Gunless, it wasn’t likely that he would get another chance on the starting lineup at Toronto, so this starting position on Seattle is great for him.

This relatively good roster that is potentially going to be much better than the initial one that Seattle had during the 2020 season comes at the cost of everyone other than Octane. Seattle made one of the most drastic decisions to drop every player, both starting and benched, except for Octane.

This included fan favorites like Enable and others, leaving Octane as the sole remaining player to represent them moving forward. Only a few teams have confirmed their full rosters, including the newly revamped Seattle Surge 2021 team, so it remains to be seen who will be next as teams continue to sign new players.

Thus far, the only teams to confirm their full teams are Seattle Surge, Atlanta FaZe, and the overwhelmingly surprising Minnesota Rokkr. Some other teams are all but confirmed at this point, but we are awaiting official announcements while others are a complete mystery.


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