Scump Thinks Vanguard Is the Best Competitive Game in Years

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 24th 2021

Scump is one of the most popular and talented Call of Duty players of all time, having been in the scene for many years now. As one of the remaining veterans from near the onset of the esports scene, many wonder what Scump’s Vanguard impressions are. 

Scump Vanguard Impressions Video Released

Fortunately, Scump has revealed his thoughts on how the new Call of Duty Vanguard beta felt and his thoughts about the upcoming game. Overall, the Scump Vanguard impressions are immensely positive, showing that the pro player is quite excited to get back into the game very soon.

In a recent YouTube video that Scump posted about the game about 11 minutes in length, he noted his review of the beta and how it went from everything from the gameplay to the movement of the title to even how the new combat pacing feature shakes out for the game.

Starting with the Scump Vanguard impressions video, he went over the fact that betas for games like Call of Duty Vanguard and past titles typically do not go over that well. This is true, be it due to the limited content or the overwhelming number of technical issues.

Scump, specifically, talked about how boring betas can get since you are so limited to just a few game modes and maps that you can only play over and over again. Vanguard is technically no different because it only had four multiplayer maps available for it in the beta.

Scump Really Enjoyed Vanguard Blitz Mode

However, although the content was fairly sparse in the beta for Vanguard, his thoughts were that it was actually quite fun and that it never really suffered from the same general boredom that other betas would have in the past. 

The main reason behind this is the new combat pacing system that allows you to select what type of match you wish to queue up for. There are three different pacing options, ranging from the standard tactical one familiar to veteran players to the more aggressive assault to the ballistic blitz mode. 

In tactical, this is the true standard Call of Duty gameplay with no more than six players on each team in the various modes and maps offered. If you want the beloved traditional route of playing a Call of Duty match, it is where you go. 

But if you want a little more to your lobbies, you can opt for the assault mode that will bump up the number of players in the match to offer something even more intense. And then there is blitz, which makes the matches quite wild, like 20 on 20 on the Gavutu map, for instance. 

That makes matches more fun and engaging, according to Scump, since in blitz, there is always something going on and something to do even though you are on the same old maps. Because of this, he played the beta quite frequently and streamed it, too, even going so far as to destroy a challenge that Dr Disrespect gave him in the middle of a Vanguard match. 

Scump’s Main Issue Were the Spawns

The Scump Vanguard impressions video did not end there, though, as the OpTic King also noted that he thinks that the movement in the game is quite good, given that it is built on the same engine as Modern Warfare 2019. The return of the tactical sprint and the general gameplay from that title is welcome, including the gunplay that he enjoyed, too. 

Overall, the Scump Vanguard impressions video concluded with his thoughts on it being the best competitive Call of Duty game in years and potentially the best one to release since the beginning of the CDL, outshining Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. 

The only concern that he has is the spawns in the beta. As we have noted in the past, the spawns were abysmal in the game, continuously putting you on top of enemy players who would instantly vaporize you over and over without a chance to fight back in the more cramped maps like Hotel Royal. 

But so long as the spawns are fixed, which Sledgehammer Games has a good bit of time to figure out before the game releases, there is no doubt in Scump’s mind that this is going to be a great year for the competitive scene of Call of Duty. 

2022 Season Is Shaping Up to Be Great for Scump and OpTic

That is certainly great to hear for Scump fans since there were statements from him in the past that this next year could be his last, especially if he does not like how Vanguard shakes out. But given how positive the Scump Vanguard feelings are, there is a chance that might not be the case and, more so, that he could do even better competitively this year. 

Though we do not officially know what Scump will be doing in the 2022 season of the Call of Duty League, plenty of rumors and leaks have hinted at what is happening. Officially, he is still part of the OpTic Chicago roster, with Dashy being his only confirmed teammate. 

However, suppose the rumors are to be believed. In that case, OpTic will be moving to Dallas to take over the Empire roster there and merge Scump and Dashy with the remaining Dallas players, iLLeY and Shotzzy, to make a new OpTic Dallas team. We imagine that we should find out more about what Scump is doing very soon as contracts are either being negotiated or already have been by this point in time. 


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