Scump Says CoD Warzone Is Not Competitive

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 31st 2020

CoD Warzone, glitches and bugs aside, is wildly popular and fun. It’s easy to pick up and play, and create content for, or simply stream. However, one of the top names in CoD seems to disagree on the competitive nature of the game. That’s right, we’re talking about Scump! Seth ‘Scump’ Abner thinks while it’s popular, Warzone is not a competitive game. But just why does he feel this way?

Too Much Is ‘Left to Chance’

Scump’s not saying Warzone isn’t fun, because he loves the game; it’s not competitive by any stretch of the imagination. PUBG and Fortnite are doing something that Warzone just isn’t nailing – like getting private lobbies early. They don’t seem to be very popular for Warzone for some reason. Scump’s main complaint seems to be that too much is left to chance in Warzone.

While sure, Warzone has private lobbies now, it took them longer to get them compared to other Battle Royales when it comes to competitive battles. The Warzone private lobbies just don’t seem appealing. With the kill-race format being what we see in Warzone, Scump feels that since everyone’s not in the same lobby, competitive Warzone just isn’t viable.

Here’s what Scump had to say in the December 29th OpTic Podcast:

“As much as I love Warzone and would love for it to be competitive, it’s just not. The tournaments are competitive because everyone in the tournament is really, really good.”

The problem is though, that even with pro players and content creators being involved, there’s “too much left to chance”, making everything random. The whole “competitive” Warzone scene is completely RNG in as many ways as it can manage.

The players you have in your lobby, loot, the luck to not spawn next to someone better than you/better geared than you are. Some of these aren’t exactly uncommon in Battle Royale games, mind. But the lobby, that’s another story. You have to get a good lobby and hope you aren’t being stream sniped or being teamed on. On top of these, there’s also the discourse behind players being accused of switching regions to get easier lobbies.

“There are so many layers of RNG and so many loopholes. You can work the system.”

We’d like to see the private lobbies used, so maybe a lot of these problems can be resolved. The general RNG nature of Battle Royales will not go away. At least though, we could see fewer stacked lobbies filled with stream snipers and cheaters. This could also potentially stop players from tanking their rank to play against easier players (since Warzone uses Skill-Based Matchmaking). While it would be awesome to see competitive Warzone tournaments, Scump doesn’t see a future for it right now – we can’t exactly disagree with him either.


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