Scump Reveals Why Arcitys Left Huntsmen for Atlanta FaZe

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 17th 2020

In a shocking twist of fate, Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson recently left the Huntsmen for their rivals, Atlanta FaZe. As one of the real standouts of the Call of Duty League this year, it’s kind of a surprise to some that such a thing would happen. Not just this season, but seasons past, Arcitys has shown he can carry his weight in a professional environment. Sure, Dashy replaced Arcitys and is no slouch either, but we recently heard that Scump opened up on his thoughts on the move.

If You Love Something, Let It Go

We weren’t the only ones surprised that Arcitys left the Huntsmen for Atlanta FaZe, that’s for sure. What’s interesting though, is that while Scump is upset, as many are, he doesn’t seem to think it was the wrong choice. Would he rather have Arcitys on his squad? Possibly! In a recent live stream, Scump opened up and revealed there’s no ill-will or bad blood between Arcitys and the Huntsmen.

Scump said “You know what? If you love something, sometimes you’ve just got to let it go,” and then went on to talk about Arcitys reasons for leaving the team:

“We didn’t want to force him to stay on the roster. He wanted to go and be a main AR. It happens. Everyone’s happy at the end of the day. Would’ve loved to have him, though. I love that guy.”

You know, we like to hear stuff like this. There is so much toxicity and negativity in online gaming, and Call of Duty’s not exempt from that. But to hear such kind words, and to be happy that Arcitys is going to be doing what he wanted to do, that’s pretty wholesome.

It’s good to hear that there’s no bad blood though, and the rapport Arcitys built with the Huntsmen surely won’t be forgotten. Who knows? Perhaps they will team up again one day down the road. But for now, Arcitys left the Huntsmen and rejoined his World Championship squad down in Atlanta. FaZe’s a team is just filled with bangers, a squad ready to take the world by storm.

Could this move wind up biting Huntsmen in the backside? The Atlanta FaZe could very well destroy them in their next encounter because of this, but we can’t say for sure. We’ll just have to wait for the actual matches to go down.

But where do you stand? Will the Huntsmen get demolished without Arcitys? Will Arcitys bring new life to Atlanta FaZe, or is Dashy the better choice for Huntsmen? We’d love to know what you think!


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