Scump Reportedly Troubled by CDL Considering NBA-like Bubble for 2021 Season

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 22nd 2020

The Call of Duty League is reportedly considering something new for the 2021 season, similar to what the Overwatch League already tried. It’s being said that the CDL wants the team owners to consider playing in a bubble-type environment like the NBA, and Scump of the Huntsmen is not pleased by that. The NBA is currently isolating the players from the rest of the world, keeping them in a bubble-like environment to protect them from COVID-19. 

The positives is that the players have a lessened risk of being infected, while still being able to perform. The obvious downside? These young people will be pulled away from friends and loved ones, so they can only focus on Call of Duty and not come down with the coronavirus. Is this such a great idea?

What’s Scump’s Beef?

This has not been confirmed that the CDL owners are agreeing to this, but it’s being talked about. The report of the request by the Call of Duty League owners, Activision Blizzard came out yesterday, due to the Esports Observer. Why would Scump be upset about the CDL using a bubble system? Because all of the teams would have to relocate for the next season if they want to compete.

Right now, they’re currently talking about Las Vegas and Dallas. Is this the safest way to play Call of Duty this season? Not really. The players could play remotely, at their own homes/gaming houses/wherever they reside. The downside is, of course, people could probably cheat safer from home if that’s what they want to do – not that we’re accusing anyone of cheating. 

While playing online is safer, it’s not been very good for the actual gameplay. There are connection issues, and server issues, with several of the CDL tournaments this season. Many of the pro players (and fans) were upset about this, but they don’t seem too keen on this change either. 

On top of server issues, OpTic’s Gaming LA’s Kenny “Kuavo” Williams and London Royal Ravens’ Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris were being booted offline. Having major matches having to be played off-stream, and at a huge delay was not very good. 

So here’s what Scump had to say about the CDL Bubble:

“I don’t want a bubble!” the legendary CoD pro said. “What am I going to do about my dog, my cats, my girlfriend? A bubble?! Who are we, the f**king NBA – what do you mean a bubble?

I would rather play online than in a bubble somewhere. I’d rather play everything online. What? I’m texting Hector [H3CZ] right now – terminate my s**t now!”

Wow. That is a very heated response. We don’t blame him though – having to put your life aside to play Call of Duty would have to be frustrating. Not even just people’s personal lives being upturned, there are contract things to consider. Some players/teams have contracts about where the player spends their training time (certain camps, et cetera) and these would have to change in order to relocate. That will cause plenty of chaos and frustration. 

While Activision Blizzard has not commented on the news, Toronto Ultra’s GM Dominque Gelineau points out that that it this news is untrue, or just a rumor. Moving would not be cheap, either. It would likely cost at least 7 million dollars to make this kind of move, and that’s just the Championships! Can you imagine a full regular season plus the postseason in the bubble?

There’s no telling if this rumor is true, but if it is, there are bound to be some very unhappy players and family of players. What about you guys? What should the solution be? Will Scump leave Huntsmen if this really goes down? 


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