Schalke 04 Signs FORG1VEN

by in League of Legends | Nov, 20th 2019

Schalke 04 signed FORG1VEN. For the old-school LEC fans, this is about as exciting of a title as humanly possible. And, to be fair, this signing doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t been following the region for many years.

Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou is a veteran in every sense of the word. He’s been to Worlds. He’s won the MVP of the Split award. He laned against and beat the who’s who of competitive League. He’s also old by League esports standards. FORG1VEN refers to himself as a “LEC grandfather,” and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Heck, one quick look at the guy is all it takes to mistake him for a coach. Or something else entirely.

FORG1VEN’s Career Moves

FORG1VEN’s career, as strange as it was, is a career defined by confusing triumphs, monumental trash talk, a ton of ego, a pinch of bravado, and a fair bit of disappointment. FORG1VEN never won an LEC title. His rise to the top abruptly ended because of Greek mandatory military service. A strange twist, that’s for sure.

While granted a temporary deferment (after which he went on to reach Top 4 at Worlds with H2K), the whole thing still loomed over his head, almost like a reminder that he would still leave no matter how much success he attained.

Three years have passed since that point. He was back in action for a bit when he competed at the inaugural EU Masters as Origen’s AD carry, but that was just a one-off thing. It excited many seeing him back on the Rift. Thousands of fans around the world wondered when, and if, he would sign for another team. His dedication is well-known, as is his alleged toxicity when his teammates don’t invest as much time and effort, as he believes, is necessary.

He was always a gamble, and back then, not many teams and coaches knew how to handle his approach to the game. Many across the globe respected his mechanical prowess, but not many people wanted to play with him.

Some of it was warranted, but most stemmed from rumors and word of mouth. FORG1VEN didn’t want to sign for an organization whose goals didn’t align with his own, but that felt like a luxury he couldn’t afford after multiple years of competitive inactivity.

Fortunately (for everyone involved), there was one team that was willing to sign the Greek AD phenom.

Why Schalke 04 Signed FORG1VEN

In the end, the fact that Schalke 04 signed FORG1VEN tells us one thing: They want to find success in 2020 and they’re willing to take a risk. FORG1VEN, for all his mechanical might, is still an unknown quantity. He hasn’t competed at the LEC level in years, and while that kind of talent rarely fades, it does dissipate and weaken over time.

Regardless of where you stand when it comes to FORG1VEN, it’s impossible to deny his talent and work ethic. He’s also one of the few OG “bad guys” and was never afraid of speaking his mind, no matter where it led. He’s one of a kind, for better or worse, and we’ll get to see how the next chapter of his career will unfold in a matter of weeks.


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