Schalke 04 Sells LEC Spot Ahead of 2023 Expansion

by in League of Legends | Jun, 16th 2021

As Schalke 04 sells its spot in the LEC, an expansion is reportedly on the way in 2023. The sale of Schalke 04 has been a topic of discussion over the last week or so, and it turns out that Team BDS has bought the slot for 30 million Euros. That’s a pretty sizable sum, and it sounds like it’s a pretty great time to enter the LEC. Back in 2019, The LEC became a franchise league, and ten teams won a spot in the European championship series. However, there’s talk now that we could see an expansion of the LEC not in 2022, but in 2023.

Not Just Discussing The Expansion:

This talk is going to go down in August 2021. Reportedly, the EU clubs are going to meet in August 2021, and discuss the issue of whether or not there is a need for more orgs to be a part of the LEC in 2023. While the Schalke 04 experiment may not have been a success in League of Legends, the news of an expansion came right around the time when it’s been said that the Schalke 04 spot was sold away. Team BDS allegedly bought the spot for 30 million Euros, but there has been no announcement on their social media as of yet. This was broken by Esport Manaicos on Twitter.

However, that’s not the only thing that the LEC Expansion 2023 talks are going to cover. There’s also to be a discussion on the ERL (European Regional Leagues). The rule in particular is the “National Player Rule”, which requires each org to have at least three national residents on staff. It sounds like the orgs (or some of them) want to get rid of this rule next year. That way, orgs could pool together super teams from whatever nation they want.

This could mean some huge changes for the LEC in the coming year. What does this mean for the LEC in general though? Is it going to make the scene more exciting than ever? Will Team BDS keep everyone on the Schalke 04 org, or are they just getting the spot and then ditching everyone? We’ll just have to see. 


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