SBMM Warzone Site Shut Down by Activision Following Cease and Desist

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 29th 2021

SBMM Warzone was an incredibly useful website for hardcore Warzone players, but sadly, it has been shut down. This comes courtesy of a cease-and-desist by Activision, requiring the website to be shut down by March 29th. The purpose of SBMM Warzone was to give players detailed stats on each other, but that is no longer going to be around. At least, for now. Activision insists that SBMM Warzone infringed on their copyright, and had to be shut down.

What’s The Beef?

SBMM Warzone lets you see the number of kills a player has, deaths, wins, and a variety of other stats. It lets you essentially rank the Warzone playerbase – but only players that have their profiles public. It was a terrific tool to let you know just how strong a player is in the game. It could have also possibly be used to see how unrealistic a player’s stats are if a cheater had a public profile.

This required the use of Call of Duty’s API, and that’s where Activision has an issue. According to Activision, SBMM Warzone had to be shut down due to violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and failing to comply with GDPR. The creators of SBMM Warzone insist that they have no access to sensitive data though.

There doesn’t seem to be any hate by the SBMM Warzone team either. They made this statement on Twitter:


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