Samurai Shodown Launches on Steam With New Character in June

by in Fighting Game News | May, 18th 2021

SNK is known as the king of fighting games, making plenty of fan-favorite titles such as King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and of course Samurai Shodown, also known as Samsho. After releasing in 2019 and being placed as an Epic Games exclusive in 2020, Samurai Shodown is finally making its way to the Steam marketplace on June 14, and with it comes the release of a new DLC character.

A Brief History of Samsho

Samsho is a weapons-based fighting game made by SNK, a rival to Capcom with their Street Fighter series. This is furthered by the fact that SNK’s Fatal Fury was made by the same man who made the first street fighter game, Takashi Nishiyama. This continued work was the reason SNK went toe to toe with Capcom on their titles. However, SNK was aiming to make titles with new ideas rather than only improve on older titles. This sparked the idea of Samurai Shodown and its titular weapons-based fighting system.

Each character in the original game had their own set of weapons, and with the setting of feudal Japan as the backdrop, each weapon was aimed to be period accurate. But aside from aesthetics, Samsho’s gameplay lies in strategy and how well players use their weapons, as hitting a player in this game does not chip away at health but instead takes a giant chunk of health, making each character’s weapons feel devastating. This forces players to take a step back and learn how to fight with more thought than just mashing buttons. This single mechanic is what made Samsho the game that it is praised as today.

The DLC Character

The DLC character for Samsho 2019 is Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, one of the previous antagonists of the Samsho series. While the character is a villain, the history of Amakusa is a whole other story.

Amakusa was a real person, and part of Samsho’s lore is that it’s vaguely based on Japanese historical events. However, the story of Amakusa is not of an antagonist. The real Amakusa is a 17-year-old Christian revolutionary who opposed the then shogunate for higher taxes because of religious persecution. This turned into an uprising of Japanese Roman Catholics in 1638, and the leader of those revolutionaries was Amakusa. Unfortunately, Amakusa met his demise by the end of the revolution.

Nowadays, Amakusa is seen as a character similar to Guy Fawkes in Japanese culture and is used as an antagonist in many manga and videogames. Samsho included. Hence his return to samsho as its 3rd DLC character for season 3.

The Release of Samsho on Steam

SNK revealed on Twitter that the weapons-based fighting game would be making its rounds to Steam on June 14th along with its subsequent release on Steam. While no price has been revealed as the game has no steam page at the moment, a good estimate would be that samsho will be seeing a $50 price tag when the game releases on Steam, as that’s what its cost is on the epic games store. Including the 3 $20 season passes, samsho would be a total of $110 for all its content and base game.

However, with the steam sale coming soon this summer, samsho might see a price drop as the sale is soon to follow after the game’s release.

For now, fans will have to wait until 2019’s Samurai Shodown launches for Steam on June 14th.


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