Samsung Tab S8 Ultra — A Monstrous 14.6″ Tablet Designed to Compete With Apple’s iPad Pro

by in General | Sep, 21st 2021

If you’ve ever yearned for a truly gargantuan tablet — one whose dimensions exceed all expectations and conventions — then you’ll be happy to know that Samsung is currently working on a monstrous 14.6” behemoth, a flagship model called Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra!

Now, whether one truly needs such a huge device is up for debate, but it’s always nice to have a slew of options; something for everyone, as they say! The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be Samsung’s biggest tablet to date and, well, the biggest mainstream tablet in history. Fortunately, its biggest allure isn’t just its size, but also the components it’ll pack within its enclosure!

Premium Design, Premium Specs

According to a well known leaker, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will feature a striking 14.6” OLED display (2960×1848 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio) that’ll also have a 120Hz refresh rate. All of this, combined with a whopping 11,500 mAh battery will result in arguably the best tablet experience money can buy. 

As for its SoC, it’ll probably sport Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 2200 chipset — the one that’ll have integrated RDNA 2 graphics from AMD. This, in short, is Samsung’s response to Apple and its imposing A15 Bionic. Whether it’ll be powerful enough to compete on even footing still remains to be seen, but you should definitely temper your expectations. It’ll also be interesting to see whether there’s a big enough user base for such a gargantuan device. It’ll no doubt deliver a spectacular experience when it comes to content consumption and mobile gaming, but at 14.6” you’ll definitely feel its heft.

If the rumor mill is to be believed, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be released alongside the Galaxy S22 line-up. There’s still no word on pricing but, if the aforementioned spec sheet is anything to go by, don’t expect the Tab S8 Ultra to go for cheap! 


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