Samsung Partners With Twitch Rivals To Promote Mobile Esports

by in Entertainment | Jan, 14th 2021

Mobile esports is such a huge arena right now, but it needs more attention. So when we heard Samsung and Twitch Rivals are teaming up to help spread esports awareness for mobile games, we were quite excited. As a part of this, Samsung’s Galaxy device will be the exclusive device partner of the mobile Twitch Rival events.

A Year-Long Partnership

A recent press release says that Samsung and Twitch Rivals will ‘reinvent the future of mobile gaming’ over the course of a year. Over the course of the year, there will be a variety of mobile-themed challenges and events, and Samsung will use the 5G Galaxy devices for these events. That includes ‘Mobile Mondays brought to you by Samsung’, which is a series of tournaments across a year. There’s also ‘Mobile Gaming Heroes’, which we can expect later on in the year.

Lou Garate, Global Head of Sponsorship Sales for Twitch says:

“We are thrilled to have Samsung join our family of official partners, as the official mobile gaming device of Twitch Rivals North America. Samsung’s industry-leading mobile gaming devices will allow gamers to not only stream their favourite Twitch Rivals content, but also fully engage in the unparalleled chat and interactivity that feeds the Twitch community.

“As livestreaming and esports continue to grow exponentially, we look forward to working with Samsung to help the engaged and dedicated gaming audience access their Twitch Rivals content wherever and whenever they want it.”

While we have no idea what games will be used, we can hope that Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, among others will be represented. We can imagine PUBG Mobile, CoD Mobile, and Fortnite will be among the games. But there are so many solid genres in the mobile scene. It would be a fantastic way to highlight Wild Rift for example.

Jude Buckley, Executive Vice President of Mobile, Samsung Electronics America commented:

“Our flagship Galaxy devices help gamers win, with high-resolution screens and advanced processing power to deliver an amazing gaming experience. And of course 5G can help to deliver the low-latency environment gamers want, especially in multi-player environments.

Twitch Rivals has already begun with the current League of Legends competition, but we’re excited to see what Twitch Rivals mobile competitions, thanks to a partnership with Samsung. Mobile gaming is huge, and anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed. There are so many great games, and they’re just as competitive as PC and console games. Possibly more competitive, since more people can play mobile games. Not to mention, you can play anywhere. You can’t cart your PS5 down to the grocery store for a quick game.


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