Sakurai Sets Internet Ablaze with Terminator 2 Reference

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 25th 2021

There’s only one final fighter in Smash Ultimate, and players are chomping at the bit to find out who it is. Although, this doesn’t mean that players can’t have a little bit of fun while they wait. Sakurai has made it known on his Twitter page that he likes to use Smash as a way to post fun images during lulls in news for the game, and this time, the image he posted was a neat reference to an old action classic.

The Image

The Image in question is a picture of Ken sinking into lava, giving a thumbs up, the way the image looks it’s a pretty clear reference to Terminator 2: Judgement Day. At the end of the film (spoilers ahead) after defeating the T-1000, Arnold’s T-800 is lowered into a vat of molten metal, and giving a thumbs-up as he sinks into the fiery depths below.

However, this caused a lot of players to link it to other games that also reference the amazing T2. Thus turning the original post into a joke, as Sakurai likes to hide hints to new smash fighters in his online appearances sometimes. This joke stems from a lot of older users noticing players seeing references to other pieces of media and then assuming that it’s not a reference to the original work rather another piece of media that references it in the first place.

Fan Reception and Possibility of Characters

A few fans responded to the game, pretending that the reference to T2 wasn’t a reference to the film at all, rather a reference to the many games that reference the film. One user by the name of SuperWiiBros08 posted the DoomGuy doing the T2 thumbs up while sinking into lava stating that it was a reference to Doom. While that’s obviously not the case, it is interesting to consider Doom as a candidate for Smash’s final fighter. Smash has yet to gain an FPS representative, while Splatoon could be considered a shooter-type game, it’s a 3rd person shooter, and the addition of a character like DoomGuy would be more in line with the original doom, rather than Doom 2016. Since the Doom Series is the grandfather of FPS titles. 

However, this isn’t the only reference people mentioned in the tweet. 

Another user by the name of @Cloud__X__ jokingly claimed that this wasn’t a reference to Doom, but a reference to Among Us, the popular whodunnit game made by indie developers Innersloth. Although, a crewmate from Among Us wouldn’t be the best option when it comes to Smash’s final fighter, seeing that the game only sparked into popularity for a short period of time, and while the game is still being updated, it’s safe to assume that the game isn’t going to go much farther than where it currently is until it pops back into popularity. 

The last person to make another reference to a game was Twitter user @steveblockman, who used a section from the terminator animation when Terminator characters were available in Fortnite. This increases the joke further by insinuating that Fortnite is responsible for the creation of the reference. 

Now, considering Fortnite to be the final character in Smash, would be a possibility, the game is still going on, and it’s yet to include some kind of Nintendo representation, even though Samus had appeared in one of the Fortnite comics, only as a silhouette, however. But having one of the Fortnite characters be in Smash would be a very out of left field option for Smash Brothers, and while divisive, would be something worth talking about, and possibly more internet damaging than Steve from Minecraft. 

Regardless, the image posted by Sakurai isn’t a hidden clue to the final fighter in Smash, it’s just a reference to a classic film from days gone. Regardless, it’s still fun to speculate and poke fun at internet culture as a whole. 


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