Sakurai Attempted to Make a Stage Within Minecraft for Smash Bros

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 29th 2020

Say what you will about Masahiro Sakurai, he does nothing by half measures! When they were creating Steve for Smash Bros, we learned Sakurai also tried to create a stage in Minecraft so they could port it to Smash while designing Steve’s initial level. This comes courtesy of Famitsu, and was translated by PushDustin, so kudos to them for bringing this fantastic information to light.

Minecraft In Your Minecraft

That’s right, Sakurai wanted to create an actual stage using Minecraft to port directly into Smash Bros as a playable map! Apparently, Microsoft themselves loved the concept, but it was just not to be. What’s interesting is how much Sakurai wanted to make this authentic. By creating a map for Smash Bros in Minecraft, it would be as authentic as humanly possible.

Originally, the idea was that the main elements of the map from the original game would be there. Mining, crafting, placing blocks, as well as other features like the concept of “biomes” – terrain with other typings, like snow, caves, underwater, et cetera. If this idea had come to life, there was a more advanced idea that could have gone with it.

Now, this could be because of copyright issues. Our thought on it is that the Minecraft music is just too relaxing. You don’t want soothing, relaxing music when you’re in a pitched battle against 7 other players! No, you want something exciting. The music ultimately provided is good, but it’s not the original Minecraft pieces.

All of this tells us that Sakurai will go far above and beyond what is required of him to make Smash Bros as good as possible. While we have no idea who will really be the next Smash Bros. character, we do have some speculation. No matter what, let’s just do what Sakurai always says, and “be patient”. There’s no telling what could be next, but Sakurai is going to make sure it’s authentic and creative.

Thank you, Sakurai.


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