Ryan Higa Is Back After a Wrongful Twitch Ban

by in Entertainment | Mar, 26th 2021

Ryan Higa’s wrongful Twitch ban says a lot about the moderation policies of Twitch. It didn’t last long, a whole 20 minutes, but the fact that a streamer with a 500,000 person following was banned for doing nothing at all is telling. We have to ask ourselves what would happen if someone with a 2,000 person following would see. What about someone with 50 followers who got accidentally banned? Would they see the same swift unbanning? We aren’t sure. We’ve seen people banned out of nowhere, only to get unbanned later, and it’s always mysterious.

OfflineTV to Offline

Twitch star Ryan Higa caught a Twitch ban for “hateful conduct” yesterday, March 25th. This went down during an Among Us stream with OfflineTV. A streamer/content creator since 2004, this really came out of nowhere and had to be shocked. The ban was discussed right after the ban on Fuslie’s channel, where we found the clip.

Everyone was confused and baffled as someone so nice could get banned for “hateful conduct”. A #FREERYANHIGA tag almost immediately began trending on Twitter. After about 20 minutes, Ryan Higa was unbanned, and Twitch apologized to him for the error. Now, we aren’t saying it was Valkyrae’s tweet that set Ryan Higa free from his wrongful Twitch ban, but the timeline does add up.

That’s the troubling part to us though. The fact that the person banned wasn’t told what got them banned, even if it was a mistake. Higa does question this though, as a partner. He asked that if he weren’t a partner if he would have got the same treatment. Such a huge company, with thousands of partnered streamers, and likely millions of regular streamers, there should be some kind of oversight. People not being told why they were banned, even if it was a mistake, should not happen. The person ought to know what they were in trouble for in the first place. Thankfully, Ryan Higa’s back on Twitch, able to continue producing quality content.


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