Russian Streamer’s Live Abuse of Girlfriend Leads to Tragic Death

by in Entertainment | May, 3rd 2021

A horrific rising trend in Russian YouTube and Twitch has come to a head as recent events see a streamer serving 6 years in prison for the death of his girlfriend after beating her and locking her outside in sub-zero temperatures for donations. 

The Horrors of Trash Streaming

The trend known as “Trash Streaming” is becoming ever so apparent in the Russian community, where streamers on Twitch and YouTube are going as far as committing heinous crimes for donations from viewers. The concept is as follows: a streamer who receives a donation must do whatever is being asked of them on stream. This has resulted in live burials, beatings, and in this new case, death.

Russian streamer Stanislav Reshetnyak was participating in this trend with his girlfriend, as viewers asked him to commit abuse against his girlfriend with viewers paying upwards of 1000 dollars USD to have him push the boundaries further, which led to her death. However, it was not all one-sided. As Reshetnyak was threatened with a knife by Valentina during the stream. Many in the community did not see an issue with what was happening, including the friend of the late Valentina was present for a while during the streams. According to the Russian news site Lenta, Valentina’s friend had posted on Instagram before the untimely death of her friend saying: “She just flew from corner to corner yesterday. She is indestructible! How the “Matrix” bent when the chairs flew into it … During the breaks, she slept,” describing the event as fun. As it came to be, Valentina would have succumbed to her injuries from the streaming. The final nail in the coffin however was when Reshetnyak sent her outside into sub-zero temperatures without any sort of overwear. Eventually, when he checked on her, she was already gone. 

After attempting to revive her on camera, Reshetnyak called an ambulance. But it was too late, Doctors and Paramedics who arrived pronounced her dead right in the apartment, for all to see. He then turned the stream off while waiting for authorities to arrive.

Reshetnyak would then go to court, where he admitted to beating and locking Valentina outside as part of the Trash stream, he would then be sent to jail for 6 years under “intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, dangerous to human life, committed with the use of an object used as a weapon, resulting in the death of the victim by negligence.” Some of Reshetnyak’s family appeared for his trial.

For now, the Russian trend of trash streaming will likely continue, as some will always be willing to do anything for money and fame, and there are always those depraved enough to pay to see it happen. The tragedy lies within the likelihood that more stories will continue to appear as time goes on.


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