Rumors Say That Sledgehammer Games is Making CoD 2021

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 5th 2021

Please note that, as of right now, this is just rumor and hearsay. The leaker of this rumor is fairly reliable though – Tom Henderson. He’s thinking that Sledgehammer Games is going to work on CoD 2021, whatever it winds up being called. The only thing we truly know for sure is that Treyarch is only going to be updating and maintaining Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and are not developing CoD 2021. While this isn’t confirmed yet, it would certainly be interesting.

Not a Leak; Just an Educated Guess

Back on January 3rd, Tom Henderson dropped a tweet that shows a timeline of 2019 – 2021. It’s said that CoD 2021 will drop in November, and if Sledgehammer Games is really working on it, this timeline could very well check out. Since it’s rumored that Sledgehammer’s been working on CoD 2021 since August 2019, the timeline, which you can see here, makes a bit of sense.

Which games did Sledgehammer Games make? CoD: Advanced Warfare, and CoD: WWII. Let’s be honest though; these two titles divided opinions on CoD pretty hard. Personally? I didn’t mind Advanced Warfare, but it felt a bit like a gritter, realistic Halo. I’m a big fan of WWII games and history, but when I saw World War II had lootboxes, I immediately uninstalled and never touched it again.

Not a big fan of buy-to-play games with lootboxes in them, me. Sledgehammer has been aiding Infinity Ward and Treyarch though in more recent games, so perhaps things have changed. Henderson isn’t thinking we’ll see another Advanced Warfare style game, but instead, it will be something that can easily tie into the Warzone gameplay.

However, Tom Henderson did point out in a recent livestream that both games having a sequel are plausible. Though he clarified on Youtube saying that an Advanced Warfare sequel could be a prequel. Instead of being focused on future tech, it could just be how we got to that point. That could be interesting at the very least.

We’re still a few months out from any actual leaks or information, but as always, we’ll be keeping our eyes open. When something has been confirmed, you can bet that Esports Talk will be right on top of it. Is Sledgehammer Games truly working on CoD 2021? It sounds like it, but we’re more curious about two things: What’s the setting, and more importantly, will it feature Anti-Cheat, unlike the current CoD game? Just asking.


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