Rumors Say Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta May Happen This Week

by in General | Jul, 26th 2021

A recent blog post from 343 Industries led to speculation that the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta could be kicking off as soon as this weekend. The potential is there, according to this recent blog, and that’s quite exciting. Before this, though, we can look forward to a live stream soon to let players know what they can expect. It will cover “every facet of the technical preview.” This won’t be a small beta for the Halo Infinite multiplayer test, either. 343 points out that “hundreds of thousands” players who signed up through the Halo Insider program will be let in.

Is the Beta Coming Soon?

Of course, that’s what everyone wants to know. When is the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta? The devs say that the release of that blog means that it’s coming soon. 

According to 343 Industries, they’ve been given the okay to say that “our first bot-focused technical preview could happen as soon as next weekend.” That’s right, if all goes well, thousands of Halo fans could be hopping into combat! Even better, it won’t have an NDA; Halo beta testers will be able to stream and talk about it openly. 

You need to be a Halo Insider, though. That means you have to register, verify your email in the confirmation email that’s sent, and opt-in for communications. These are all important. You’ll also have to opt-in for flighting (how 343 terms tests). If you want to be considered for PC flighting, you have to upload your DxDiag and connect your Steam account. 

It won’t be the latest iteration of Halo Infinite in the multiplayer beta, though. It will be a “couple months behind,” so it may be a little on the rough side. If you want to get the nitty-gritty with tons of technical details, the latest blog has you covered. Halo Infinite will drop this holiday season, so hopefully, lots of fans get in to try it if it does drop this weekend. 343 Industries also said that don’t worry if you don’t get in with the first wave. There will be plenty more people that get invited. 


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