Rumors Fly About Dr DisRespect Buying a CDL Team – And The Two-Time Responds

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 6th 2020

There are all sorts of rumors going around right now about Dr DisRespect – In particular, how he might buy his way into a CDL team. It’s not like he’s a strange to the CoD scene, either. In Advanced Warfare, he was a map designer, and in 2019, he was a part of World League Championship event. It’s safe to say that Dr DisRespect is synonymous with the scene. Between Dr DisRespect and 100 Thieves being rumored to looking at CDL teams, there’s a lot of rumor; not so much in the way of facts. However, the Two-Time has officially responded in a recent live stream to these rumors.

Could It Happen? Will It Happen?

Will Dr DisRespect actually own a team? We’re not holding our breath on that one. But there are some interesting things going on in the CDL right now, from H3CZ buying back OpTic Gaming, and Nadeshot teasing some Call of Duty action. But perhaps the biggest thing going around is “Will Dr DisRespect buy a CDL team”? It’s not exactly cheap, but Dr DisRespect made quite a lot of money streaming on Twitch. It’s not an impossibility.

All of this speculation came from an Instagram photo of Nadeshot, H3CZ, and Dr DisRespect. The caption? “Mount Rushmore”. With all the talk of Call of Duty lately, this led to a whirlwind of speculation and rumor. During a recent livestream, Dr DisRespect was asked about the rumors of him owning a CDL team. This went down on October 5th during a Warzone stream. The fan asked “Doc, do you ever plan to have your own professional team?”

There was a sort of long pause, and even stopping between words to build some drama, or pretend he’s really thinking hard about the question. His response was:

“Will I have my own? Probably not. Will I be a part as a shareholder? You never know…”

It makes sense to frame the response this way too. It’s incredibly expensive to shoulder the burden on your own. Not to mention, being the owner has a lot more responsibility. Simply being a financial backer or some form of advisor would leave Dr DisRespect to have a lot more freedom in what he does in the CoD scene. 

It’s wouldn’t be a surprise if Dr DisRespect would become a shareholder in at least one established Call of Duty team. Though Nadeshot keeps brushing off the idea of a 100 Thieves team in Los Angeles, he does leave the idea open to come to fruition somewhere down the road. But here’s what makes all these rumors involving Dr DisRespect interesting.

OpTic LA is owned by H3CZ, and he’s required to sell the spot, or give up his current team, Chicago Huntsmen. H3CZ has suggested he “intends to divest to interested esports organizations”. With Nadeshot and Dr DisRespect in the conversation, one or both of them could divide the cost of buying in, so H3CZ no longer owns the team. Would H3CZ still be allowed to be a shareholder of OpTic? In an ideal world, no. Having two teams where you have controlling share would create a serious conflict of interest issues. 

There’s still plenty of time before the CDL 2021 season since no official date has been given. Is there any truth to the rumors of Dr DisRespect buying a CDL team? This writer doesn’t think he will own the team, but his fingerprints will likely be on the blueprints of a new esports powerhouse. He’s got the skill, the mind for the business, and the financial capital to make it happen. Should Dr DisRespect and Nadeshot team up for a CDL effort, they could be unstoppable. 


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