Rumored KOTR Remake Is Actually Real This Time

by in General | Apr, 21st 2021

Anyone who spends a lot of time reading gaming news knows of the reporter Jason Schreier. With one of his more recent expose pieces targeting CDProjekt Red and the development of CyperPunk 2077. With a lot of respect from other media, and a new book on the way, Jason appeared on the MinnMax Show on YouTube to talk about news, gaming, and his book. But during the interview, he dropped some comments on a remake of the fan-favorite Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic, or as it’s known to fans, KOTOR.

Who’s Developing the KOTOR Remae

MinMaxx’s Ben Hanson interviewed Schrier about his legacy as a reporter who will unveil industry secrets for the benefit of the consumer, During the conversation, Ben made a callback to a tweet that Schreier made stating that “If a KOTOR remake was happening, it wouldn’t be at EA”. Ben would then press a little further asking if there is any substance to that claim, in which Jason replied “Yes, there is something there.”

The legacy of KOTOR is that many fans see the game as one of, if not the best Star Wars game made to date, and while many have been clamoring for a remake of the game, it has been many console generations since the release of the title. With EA unwilling to budge on the issue, as they held the Star Wars game license at the time, some fans went as far as to remake the game themselves during their spare time.

Enter Poem Studios, being a group of seriously dedicated fans who spent their free time creating their own remake of KOTOR dubbed “Knights of the Old Republic Aperion,” a not only graphically enhanced version of the game, but a revamp of everything that made the original great while fixing the bugs and gameplay issues that held the game back. Made completely on Unreal Engine, the group posted multiple updates frequently, and the project ended up skyrocketing into popularity, being well made and filled with the soul and care of people who really wanted to see the game shine.

However, even though the game was mere months from completion, and was going to be given away for free, LucasArts sent Poem Studios a cease and desist order in 2018, putting the project on hold. While many tried to fight back against the order, claiming nothing had been done with the IP for years, Disney and LucasArts stood their ground, and KOTOR Aperion would never see the light of day again.

With this, the question of who will take the helm of remaking KOTOR has been the big question on the communities mind since rumors began to circulate, and during the interview with Schreier, Ben asked “Someone other than EA is making a KOTOR remake?” to which Jason replied with “Yes, it’s public knowledge I basically confirmed that Aspyr is working on a KOTOR remake”

Apsyr is known known for porting both KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 to newer versions of Windows, and for making the updated port of Star Wars Podracers.

While it would’ve been a sweet type of justice to know that people from Poem Studio were involved in the official remake of KOTOR, for fans of the legendary Star Wars RPG, they can sleep soundly knowing that there will, in fact, be the remake they have long been waiting for.


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