Rumor Suggests Call of Duty 2020 Will Be Black Ops Reboot

by in Call of Duty | May, 13th 2020

We are still eagerly awaiting the reveal or even tease of the next Call of Duty game. With this month being the standard month for an announcement like this, it would make sense for the next Call of Duty 2020 game to be revealed. Well, a new rumor suggests it will be a Black Ops reboot.

Rumor Suggests Black Ops Is the Next Game

The rumor comes directly from the sub-Reddit page for gaming leaks and rumors. This is the place where reports are made regarding what new games and the like could be coming in the future. Needless to say, it isn’t the most reliable source, though some credible leaks have come from it.

This particular Black Ops reboot rumor comes from Reddit user SunnyMatrix who posted about the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 game and what it will be reportedly called plus some information about the story and characters that will be involved in it.

Before we jump into it, make sure to take this particular with a heavy, heavy grain of salt as it is a bit more of a stretch than most of the leaks and rumors that we have covered in the past. In fact, the user themselves noted this at the start of the Reddit post.

They noted that this is just a rumor and that it is “in no way, shape, or form concrete.” Apparently, the information in this Reddit post was passed along to them from a particular source who is involved in the screenwriting for television and film properties.

How This Person Supposedly Knows This Info

Looking at that, you might be wondering why this person would then know about a video game like the proposed Black Ops reboot. Well, the reason is that the source supposedly is asked to consult on video game storytelling occasionally and such is likely the case in this situation.

The rumor kicks off by giving the reported Black Ops reboot a title that will be either Call of Duty: Classified or Call of Duty: Black Ops. This first part of the rumor is already problematic because of the fact that the name is not known to them directly.

Unless this person consulted on the game relatively early on where the title was still pending and it might have had a codename still, this part is already concerning just from the possible Call of Duty 2020 title. Regardless, though, it is alleged to be a soft reboot for the Black Ops series, much like what Modern Warfare did in 2019.

The story was originally going to be based on the Fog of War story from Sledgehammer Games, a developer who has been the third leading team on the mainline Call of Duty games alongside Treyarch and Infinity Ward. But the story has had several rewrites in its development history.

What the Black Ops Story Will Reportedly Be About

Interestingly enough, the story will reportedly cover popular characters from the Black Ops franchise like Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson, but the odd part is that they will not be playable characters in the game itself. This could indicate that a new player character will be introduced.

The game will mostly take place in Vietnam but there will be minor incursions to other areas relevant to the Cold War era. The actual plot of the game is about uncovering covert Soviet operations and human experimentation that is being done.

The very start of this proposed Black Ops reboot will have your unit being attacked in the middle of the night in Vietnam with a heavy emphasis on stealth gameplay after the initial attack. Does this mean that stealth will be a major part of the whole game or just this one part? That is unclear to us.

Beyond that, the game will have some “visceral” elements to it like blood, gore, and torture sequences. This is meant to keep the game grounded in reality, so it sounds like it will be one of the more violent games in the series.

Finally, the last bit of information that we have about this potential Black Ops reboot is that there are references to the assassination of former United States President John F. Kennedy and that there will be a playable segment of the game involving Operation Northwoods.

Is This Rumor Believable?

That last part is in reference to the proposed operation where CIA and other agents from the United States would commit acts of terrorism against the American citizens in order to falsely put blame on Cuba. Overall, nothing about the leak seems notably false or far-fetched.

From the gist of it, it does seem believable that a story consultant would know about this stuff and everything related to it. However, the main problem is that at the bottom, the Reddit user notes that they wouldn’t be surprised if most of this information ends up being false.

This part is off putting and tells us that the user doesn’t have too much confidence in their source, so why should we? It is one thing to take something with a grain of salt, but if you do think that it could very well be false, then why should the audience believe it as well?

That said, there are some problems with the information provided and parts worth going over that can help us verify this. A reboot of the Black Ops series seems inevitable at this point. Black Ops 3’s story wasn’t loved by many fans while Black Ops 4 lacked any story whatsoever.

What We Think About the Call of Duty 2020 Game

Couple this with the fact that we have had other rumors in the past that a Black Ops reboot is in the future and with Modern Warfare’s successful reboot, and this seems likely. The problem with this is the timing of it all. It just seems too early for a reboot of the Black Ops series.

We do know that, at this point, it is clear that the Call of Duty 2020 game had trouble in its development, leading to Treyarch having to move in and help it out. While this isn’t confirmed yet, this is noted by multiple leaks in the past and we do think that Treyarch is, unfortunately, leading this game.

The question remains if it is possible to transition an entire game that was meant to release in 2021 from Treyarch to release this year. It is possible with help from Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, if Treyarch only has to cover the main story, but it does seem crazy.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Treyarch was going to release a new Black Ops game next year but the question still remains if it is possible to release it this year instead or provide something else instead. It isn’t impossible, for sure, but we will just have to wait and see.

The part that is intriguing about this rumor, though, is the Fog of War part. It references that Sledgehammer Games’ story was taken and used for this game before being canceled. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is the game since Sledgehammer last did a World War 2 game.

Based on everything that we have heard thus far, we do think that the next Call of Duty game will likely be a Cold War era title, so potentially a Black Ops game. But we don’t think that this rumor is true. For now, we will just have to wait as Activision typically reveals the next Call of Duty game in May, so we should find out soon enough.


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