Rumor: 100 Thieves Supposedly In Talks With Nisqy

by in League of Legends | Apr, 18th 2021

If the rumor mill is to be believed, 100 Thieves are currently negotiating with Fnatic over a potential buyout of Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer. This, in short, is quite surprising news, but it does make a fair bit of sense in the grand scheme of things. Now, to best understand this peculiar situation, we need to analyze things from three entirely different points of view: 100 Thieves, Fnatic, and Nisqy. 

100 Thieves — In Dire Need of a Consistent Mid Laner

The one thing 100 Thieves have been missing for what feels like an eternity is a consistent mid laner who’ll get the job done regardless of whom he’s up against. They already have one of the best top laners in the region, along with a stellar jungler and a spectacular bottom lane duo. But, with League of Legends being a team-based game, these individuals can only do so much without the right player in mid. 

Tommy “ry0ma” Le is serviceable, but barely so. Plus, he’s just not good enough to compete with the likes of Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen or Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage, for example. He’s good but not great, and is currently in a strange state of flux — he’s obviously better than the majority of peers over in LCS Academy, but nowhere near as capable to compete with the “big dogs.” And, in all fairness, a similar thing can be said about Tanner “Damonte” Damonte. His talent is undeniable, but he’s just not able to harness it all that often. His highs are much higher than those of ry0ma, but they’re seldom attainable. 

There are simply too many factors that have to go his way for him to truly shine. When the stars align, he’s definitely a spectacular performer, but whenever that fails to be the case he’s pretty much a complete non-factor. Add to that the fact that he can only excel at a handful of champions (most of which are either immediately picked on Blue side, banned, or no longer viable) and you have yourself a player that’s incapable of delivering on a consistent basis. 

100 Thieves, in all fairness, had a slew of issues they had failed to fix, so their mid laners only “deserve” a portion of the blame. 

Is Nisqy the solution to 100 Thieves’ mid-lane woes? Well, it’s impossible to know for certain at this point in time, but we’re definitely leaning towards a somewhat cautious “yes” on this one. After all, he’s built his name on being a rock in the mid lane, a player who’ll eschew his own lane and any kind of lead in favor of his teammates; he’s the definition of a team player. He’ll rarely have more CS than his opponents, but by the time his foes reach level six, odds are, Nisqy has already roamed a couple of times. Whether his roams result in a kill or not matters very little — he’s applying pressure, getting his teammates ahead, and rotating around the most important neutral objectives. 

Moreover, he has a deceptively large champion pool. He doesn’t necessarily excel at all of his champions, but he has the right pick for nearly every situation. He’s no Rasmus “Caps” Winther, but he doesn’t need to be if you pair him with the right teammates.

Plus, he’s a former NA champion, has a proven track record, and is arguably the best possible pick-up at this point of the season; 100 Thieves, therefore, would be wise to get the deal done in record time if they intend on leaving a mark come Summer Split. 

Fnatic — Terra Incognita

The former “Kings of Europe” are currently treading uncharted waters. They’re no longer atop the LEC, and, in all fairness, they’re not even close to once again reclaiming their long-lost throne. They have many flaws and weaknesses that need to be shored up if they want to compete at the highest of levels come Summer Split. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to fix what needs fixing in time to actually make their 2021 season count. 

There are some new kids on the block, and they mean business. Now, it’s not like Fnatic don’t have the tools to compete — they’ve “just” failed to adapt and deliver, which wouldn’t be the first time. Still, given the vast amounts of talent and experience under their banner, high expectations were justified. To say that they’ve failed to execute would truly be an understatement. And, to make matters even worse, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly went wrong and what’s the best course of action going forward

Even worse, they’re being led by a seasoned veteran coach who’s only known for leading bravado-fuelled, high variance rosters — much like the one currently competing under Fnatic’s banner. Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi had never managed to find (or conjure up) a solution in the past, so the odds of him finding one now seem rather grim and unfavorable. 

Was Nisqy the problem? Absolutely not. That said, one could argue that the stylistic disparity between him and his teammates (who are endlessly more aggressive and prone to taking risks) became too big of a hurdle. Moreover, his individual play definitely left a lot to be desired (to say the least). Whether he did so poorly because of Fnatic struggling as a whole is impossible to know for certain. Either way, it wasn’t the kind of return to Europe one would want to experience — especially not after finding a metric ton of success over in North America.

Nisqy — A Botched Return to Europe

This seasoned Turkish mid laner just doesn’t seem like a good fit for Fnatic. Now, it might be unfair to say such a thing given how we’ve only watched them perform for three or so months, but it still feels like a fairly correct assessment. 

Furthermore, Nisqy probably realizes that the odds of finding success with Fnatic plummeted the moment Rogue and MAD Lions “broke through.” The former “Kings of Europe” still have a puncher’s chance, but they’re by no means a premier top-tier competitor right now. So why not move back to North America and compete for a stylish organization that also happens to be fielding a mighty capable (albeit inherently flawed) roster? It makes all the sense in the world, especially seeing how 100 Thieves are in dire need of someone like Nisqy. 

Either way, we can’t wait to see whether this deal goes through or not! 


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