RRQ Athena Drops Almost Its Entire PUBG Mobile Team After Global Championship

by in PUBG Mobile | Feb, 12th 2021

It is a sad time currently for fans of the RRQ Athena PUBG Mobile team as there are some massive changes happening with the organization. Its PUBG Mobile team was one of the finest in the entire world and, yet, it wasn’t apparently up to par with the higher-ups at Athena.

RRQ Athena Drops Almost Everyone From Team

It was announced this week that RRQ Athena is officially dropping almost its entire PUBG Mobile team from participating as part of the organization in the future. This sudden departure of almost all of its players makes it clear that this wasn’t necessarily their decision.

The announcement was shared through the team’s Instagram where they shared a heartfelt message and video of the removed players so that fans could appreciate the history of this world-renowned PUBG Mobile team and everything that it has been able to accomplish.

In total, there are four players who are leaving the RRQ Athena PUBG Mobile team, effective immediately. Those four players include Beer 11, D2E, Earnny, and Senior. This is unfortunate as the team only had five members in total, so basically almost everyone is leaving the Athena team.

Furthermore, those four players are now essentially free agents unless they have already been picked up by other teams in the PUBG Mobile esports scene. They will need to find new teams quickly if they want to enjoy being part of the 2021 season for the mobile battle royale game.

G9 Is the Only Remaining Member

While the RRQ Athena PUBG Mobile team is now without four of its members, there is one player who was allowed to stay with the group and keep some of the old spirit still alive. That is none other than G9, the leader of the PUBG Mobile team, so not too surprising in the end.

It seems that the RRQ Athena PUBG Mobile team is channeling what we saw in the Call of Duty League this past year where several teams would drop almost everyone on the roster except one player so that there was at least some returning favorite for fans of the original team.

That is a similar situation here where it looks like fans of RRQ Athena will at least be able to still cheer for G9, someone who has been a stalwart part of the PUBG Mobile team since the very beginning. After all, he was part of the original roster for the esports organization when it began its PUBG Mobile ventures in 2018.

Unfortunately, his fellow founding members of the mobile battle royale team will not be returning to compete with him this year. Those other original members include D2E and Senior, both of which have been dropped from the team and will not be continuing their teamwork with G9.

This is a rather tragic scenario but one that is not too surprising, especially given that this round of departures is far from the first one to happen this year. The now former coach of the team, Voo, left the team last month and it is possible that it was tied to the same reasons as these departures.

RRQ Athena Is One of the Best PUBG Mobile Teams

To anyone who has been a fan of the PUBG Mobile esports scene, the RRQ Athena PUBG Mobile team has been at the top of the list of the very best in the world. They were seen as the first world champions for the battle royale game when they debuted in 2018 and were able to win the Star Challenge in Dubai.

Since then, that challenge has evolved into something much bigger with a pro league system and world championship for the best teams around to compete in. Indeed, the RRQ Athena PUBG Mobile team has gone even further to win both of the Southeast Asia region finals during 2020.

Going into the PUBG Mobile Global Championship at the end of last year and then its full-on conclusion this year, it was clear that Athena was one of the fan favorites to win it all and become the world champion once again. In fact, they were even near the very top of the leaderboard.

So, going into the Global Championship, they were a shoe-in to win it all alongside the team that was considered the number one team around: 4 Angry Men. However, neither team were the winners after all as it was more of a sleeper team that came in and took the championship trophy by surprise: Nova Esports.

RRQ Athena Underperformed at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship

In the end, this meant that Athena did not perform nearly as well as everyone believed they would and they actually did much worse in that event than we had seen from the beloved team in the nearly three years that it has been around.

Instead of at least placing in the top three or even five as we would have expected, the team didn’t even place in the top 50% for the event or in the top 10, either. They landed in 11th place, severely underperforming what the community expected of this established and wonderful team.

It is likely that it was well below the expectations of the organization’s officials as well, given the decision that has been made this month to drop all of the players but one. It is likely that, with the exception of G9, the new Athena PUBG Mobile team will be much different in the near future.

Hopefully, the team already has at least three players in mind, though, since the Pro League regions are going to be kicking off the 2021 season in style in the very near future. In March, the Thailand league begins and Athena will need to have a full team ready to go if it aims to overtake it once again this year.


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