Romain Bigeard Becomes G2’s New League of Legends General Manager

by in League of Legends | Oct, 18th 2021

Former OpTic and Unicorns of Love general manager Romain Bigeard has signed with G2 Esports, as per Jacob Wolf. This signing is just the start of one of the most thorough restructurings in the organization’s history. Bigeard, known for his charisma and willingness to entertain, previously worked for Riot Games as a business development manager and on-stage talent. 

However, his first task on the job will be immensely challenging: rebuilding G2 Esports into the powerhouse it once was. With only Rasmus “Caps” Winther and Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski remaining, G2 will face an uphill battle towards reclaiming its long-lost throne. Then again, with such a stellar core, it’s not like they won’t have the tools to compete for a spot near the very top. 

In any case, we’re elated to see Romain back “in action” — even though we’re probably not going to see his on-stage performances and cosplaying as often as we’d like! 

A Promising Start

The fact that G2 opted for such a veteran to “lead the charge” means one thing and one thing only: they mean business. Not qualifying for Worlds is equivalent to a debacle for an org as seasoned and respected as G2. They’ve been assembled to dominate and bring home any medal or trophy they set out to compete for. Failing to do so, therefore, means that change is necessary. Most orgs are content with mediocrity, but for G2 — seeing how they’ve built their legacy on momentous triumphs and mind-blowing dominance — that is unacceptable. 

The fact that this perennial LEC org will lose three of its players (all of whom are absolute legends) makes things all the more complicated. They’ve been competing at the highest of levels for what feels like an eternity, and finding the right “pieces of the puzzle” to fill in that void left in their absence will not be an easy task.

We’re all dying to see what’ll happen with Romain and whether G2 will be able to rebuild after such a tumultuous season.


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