Rockstar Finally Working on GTA Definitive Edition Fixes, The Rain’s First

by in General | Dec, 1st 2021

Many players are very upset with the way that the GTA Definitive Edition turned out. What was supposed to be a remaster of some of the most popular games in the open-world Crime series turned out to be a massive buggy mess that not only irritated longtime fans of the game series but also caused the Rockstar Launcher to shut down on PC forcing players out from playing any other games from the AAA developer. Last week, Rockstar made an announcement talking about how the game didn’t fit the standards for the remaster of the titles. They followed this up by telling players that the original trilogy was going to be put back on the PC, and would also give the original versions of the games to owners of the Definitive Edition at no extra cost. They also mentioned that they were going to focus on making fixes to the Definitive Edition version of the game to make it more playable for players who wanted to continue playing the game. 

Now, it seems that the first of the updates are rolling out for players. And the Patch notes are, extensive.

Major Fixes in the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy

The Patch Notes for GTA Definitive Edition can be found on Rockstar’s website, and with the massive amount of fixes coming to the game, there’s a lot for players to look into. Here are all of the major patches coming to the title.

For all consoles, the GTA trilogy received stability improvements, which should prevent the game from dropping frames for no reason during gameplay. All games have also been given a new camera, the cinematic camera, which is in all of the original versions of the game. For some reason, this novel feature wasn’t included in the Definitive Edition until now. 

One of the massive fixes to the game that nearly dominates the patch notes is rain. Rain has been a massive issue in the game, something that has caused many of the players of the Definitive edition to pull their hair out. The game’s use of rain in GTA 3 was known for being so dense that players could barely see through it, ruining the ability to finish driving missions in the game, and sometimes ruining cutscenes in the game. One of the biggest issues with the rain in GTA 3 is the fact that rain can be seen falling inside buildings. This happened most importantly in cutscenes, something the original game never had an issue with. According to the patch notes from rockstar, this isn’t the case anymore, and cutscenes taking place in Donald Love’s Apartment, Luigi’s Club, Joey’s Garage, won’t feature rain falling indoors.

Another massive issue with GTA 3 is that there were some places in the game where the player was able to slip through the floor due to there being no collision. The specific location where this was a problem, underneath the Callahan Bridge in Chinatown, has since been fixed. As for rain, the same can be said with GTA Vice City as well. Plenty of locations in the game had cutscenes where rain was falling inside. Vice City had also fallen ill to many texture errors too, with some parts of the game missing textures. Many of the game crashes have also been patched, as well as a massive hole in the world near Café Robina.

For GTA San Andreas, there’s been a sizable amount of content fixes in the Definitive Edition version of the game. One of the biggest complaints about the Definitive Edition of the game was the fact that there was no fog at high altitudes. Meaning that the seams of the world could be seen from the highest point in the game. The fog has been added back into the game, so standing atop the highest point in the game, fog will be able to be seen, and players will be less likely to see issues with the world. 

On top of that was the fact that the game’s models were broken in many ways. While some of the model issues have been fixed, like issues with Cesar’s model in missions like King in Exile, and Cesar Vialpando, or CJ’s body in the mission The Meat Business, including issues with the muscle and fat mechanic in the game. The player has a choice in the game as to how fat or muscular they want their character to be. However, there were issues with this as well. One thing is that some cutscenes don’t accommodate the overweight CJ model, causing the arms of the model to clip inside of the body. On top of this, there were no special animations for having maximum strength or maximum fat like in the original game. These issues have been resolved with the game, and now both versions of CJ have been reimplemented into the game.

Another very funny issue in the game was that when the player rides a Quad or the Hydra in first person if they turned the camera around to look behind them CJ’s face would fill the entire screen, making for some humorous footage. However, this would prevent the player from actually seeing what was behind them, and while the end result is funny, it’s been removed from the game. There are also some other missing things that have been added back into the game, as well. One of the things added to the game is a missing bridge in the shady creek section of the map. Something that players have pointed out was missing.

Lastly, there were some other issues with the PC version of the game, one of the biggest issues with the PC version of the game outside of the Rockstar launcher issues that caused the program to shut down, was the fact that the game wouldn’t save display settings while playing the game. The game was also plagued with issues when playing on ultrawide monitors as well. These issues have since been fixed. 

Luckily, the game seems to be receiving some patches from Rockstar, however, it seems that there’s going to be some time until the game is in a completed state. Until then, it looks like the fans are going to be waiting more and more for the game fixes to be rolled out by the developers, however, the sad amount of games released in an unfinished state has plagued players, and many fans have been feeling the burn from games like the GTA Definitive Edition trilogy.


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