Rocket League’s RLCS NA Grand Finals Sparks Drama and Possible Rivalry

by in Rocket League | Oct, 19th 2021

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) NA saw the conclusion of its first regional event this past weekend. Teams battled it out over a prize pool of $100,000 plus RLCS circuit ranking points which will determine which teams from NA will qualify for the RLCS Fall Lan Major being held in Stockholm later this year. The results of the event are surprising, especially if you consider prior results at WePlay’s Rocket League Invitational. What’s even more surprising is the drama that’s sparked due to what’s happened at the grand final of RLCS NA Fall event that could lead to an unexpected rivalry between two Rocket League teams.

What Happened at RLCS NA’s Fall Event #1’s Grand Final?

The grand final of the RLCS NA event saw FaZe Clan facing off against The General NRG. This result was a surprise to some viewers who saw Shopify Rebellion doing well at prior events, such as taking 2nd at WePlay. Shopify actually dropped out during the round-robin, failing to secure the three wins necessary out of the five rounds total.

In the middle of the first set, game 4, NRG’s Justin would experience internet issues which necessitated a pause by the game’s admins. During this pause, NRG’s GarretG would post the following image on Twitter with the caption ”Class act.” This tweet would lead to an exchange between GarretG and FaZe Clan’s Firstkiller which ended with GarretG referencing a threat Firstkiller’s dad had made to Rocket League pro player Insolences in Twitch chat, which was evidenced in a tweet reply to Firstkiller’s dad.

It’s likely that these two teams will meet up again in future RLCS NA events, and the feud that spawned from Firstkiller’s in-game comments as well as GarrettG’s response is unlikely to go anywhere, as it raises the stake of competition between these two teams and excites the audience for future matches. While it’s admirable that all players involved in the incident have reconciled, playing into the feud could be good for Rocket League’s NA scene. Hopefully, we’ll see some really intense matches again between these two teams.


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