Rocket League’s Heatseeker Mode Returns

by in Rocket League | Dec, 31st 2020

Some point are disappointed that Spike Rush is going away in Rocket League, the fun Heatseeker limited-time mode is going to be taking its place. There are some really fantastic limited-time game modes in Rocket League, and Heatseeker debuted back in April 2020. Frosty Fest might be over, but there are still lots of fun modes to come as 2020 ends, and 2021 begins! 

Playable Until January 4th

The announcement came simply enough, via a Tweet:

“Bye, Spike Rush, Hello Heatseeker! Now LIVE through Jan 4th”

But what is Heatseeker, anyway? It’s not a mode that’s been seen a whole lot, so we went digging. According to the Rocket League Wiki, Heatseeker’s official description is as follows:

“In Heatseeker, the ball will automatically seek the opposing net once it’s hit. But, make sure you don’t miss the goal! If the ball hits the backboard, it will fire back toward your goal. Make sure to think fast, because every time the ball is touched by a player or a backboard, it gains speed! First team to seven goals wins.”

Now that sounds like an exciting mode! You really have to be careful and take steady aim. You don’t want to score on your own team because the ball you hit bounces off the backboard instead of going into the net. The last time Heatseeker was playable in Rocket League was just for one day on June 17th. 

The fun part about Rocket League’s Heatseeker mode is that it’s more about position and strategy than simple soccer. You want to pick a position and stick to it. After all, the ball is going to get way too fast to chase around pretty fast. We have no idea what match is coming post-January 4th, but we’re nonetheless really excited to see what’s coming in 2021. The current Music-themed season is very interesting, after all.


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