Rocket League News in 2021 - Esports and Updates

 Formerly known as Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League has found a new life and immense success in the modern era. Described by many as “soccer with cars” it’s not only easy to pick up and play but also has become home to immensely talented showcases of skills from community members and esports pros alike. From RLCS to patches and upcoming events, this page will keep you updated on all of the latest Rocket League news.

Rocket League News

Jason Parker | June 8, 2021
Emiliano “Sizz” Benny went into a profanity-filled rant, leading him to get banned from an […]
Dustin Steiner | April 28, 2021
Rocket League fans were infuriated at a call made during a match on April 25 […]
Jason Parker | March 29, 2021
That’s right, CoD, Rocket League, and Valorant are now a part of the PrizePicks esports […]
Jason Parker | March 25, 2021
Rocket League is already one of the most enjoyable esports to watch and now it’s […]
Jason Parker | December 31, 2020
Some point are disappointed that Spike Rush is going away in Rocket League, the fun […]
Jason Parker | December 8, 2020
We’re about to see some changes drop in the Rocket League esports shop as of today’s […]
Jason Parker | December 1, 2020
Monstercat was in the news recently with their partnership with Twitch, and now they’re back! […]
Jason Parker | November 12, 2020
It’s pretty nice to see developers pay attention to the critiques of their players. Not […]
Jason Parker | November 5, 2020
Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. already had a series of esports teams: PUBG, Identity V, FIFA 21, […]
Jason Parker | November 4, 2020
The Twitch DMCA saga is never-ending, it seems. Though Shroud originally seemed to think streamers […]
Jason Parker | October 2, 2020
It seems like everything for Rocket League has been coming up Milhouse. The transition to […]
Jason Parker | September 4, 2020
Honestly, this a move that Psyonix should have jumped on years ago. Rocket League is […]
Dustin Steiner | July 28, 2020
PlayVS has announced that it is expanding its high school offerings to two different league […]
Jason Parker | July 24, 2020
Guild Esports has signed a killer trio for a Rocket League team, and they could […]
Jason Parker | July 9, 2020
“Money matches” are pretty common in the fighting game scene. They exist in other esports/online […]