Rocket League Won’t Require PS+ or Nintendo Online When It Goes Free to Play

by in Rocket League | Sep, 4th 2020

Honestly, this a move that Psyonix should have jumped on years ago. Rocket League is finally making that shift to free to play. However, one of the parts of this deal is that you won’t need PS+ or Nintendo Switch Online that is normally required to compete online on these platforms. Xbox Live users appear to be out in the cold – they’ll still have to be subscribed.

Changes Are In The Wind

We stand by it: Rocket League should have been free for some time. We don’t know what made them change their mind, but we assume they found better ways to monetize the game. Psyonix did announce that this was coming earlier in the year.

What sorts of changes can we expect from Rocket League as it moves to free to play? First, Rocket League seasons will be more streamlined, and the Rocket Pass, Competitive Seasons, and the upcoming Tournaments will be on the same schedule. This sounds way more streamlined and is a great idea. What it means is that when the Competitive Season ends, so do the Rocket Pass and Tournament mode.

In addition, Rocket League is going to have a new competitive rank for the highest players: Supersonic Legend. Grand Champion will then be split into three Ranks, just like the others. Perhaps this means that players at high tiers will show up even higher, with all the new players likely to show up, but only time will tell. There’s no official date on the free to play update for Rocket League, but originally we reported it was coming “this summer”.

Rocket League is wildly exciting and it’s competitively played from Middle School and up. With the free to play move, it will be easier than ever for those younger age brackets to get into the game. We just wonder if this is going to tack on even more microtransactions and other ways to monetize the game to make up for the income that comes from buying the game. Hopefully not. It’s such a cool game and we want to see the esports scene of Rocket League to explode.


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