Rocket League Pros Found in Discord Server Tied to Twitch Scandal

by in General | Jan, 13th 2020

Shocking news out of the Rocket League community today as an anonymous user made a highly detailed post exposing a Twitch Prime botting service utilizing stolen credit cards, as well as social security and tax file numbers.

Twitch Botting

The service, run out of a Discord server by a user known as Fairydrop. It was utilized to get Twitch Prime accounts to use their “free” monthly subs on a user.

It gave them an extra boost in income and a significant increase in their follower/subscriber count, something important for potential sponsors.

While such a server on its own would be a pretty big deal, the Twitch bot scandal was more shocking after several pros and other esports related individuals were found in the server, including Twitch’s Esports Program Manager CloudFuel. Also, several others were friends with Fairydrop on Steam. Also found in the server were player GarretG of NRG, Brutal Esports owner Hupti, and commentator Face, amongst others.

While most of those involved have yet to comment on the Twitch bot scandal and their relationship to it, pro player Bilbo came forward defending his fellow players and personalities, stating:

“If I recall correctly, Fairydrop went around asking pros to join his Discord for exposure, he asked me the same and he said he was running some sort of trading community. He talked like a normal fan and was actually pretty friendly so I wasn’t too bothered with just joining his discord and I guess that’s how many of these players got in that discord. I’m fairly sure not a single pro actually uses whatever was described here. This was about a year and a half ago tho and I left the discord after like a couple of weeks. Also, the reason I accepted his friend request on steam, to begin with, was because he was a decent ranked player and I looked at his friends list and saw many people I was friends with so I didn’t think too much about it.”

While the statement likely clears most of those involved in actively being a part of the illegal server, the Twitch bot scandal serves as a lesson in being careful who you add as a friend or whose Discord server you join. You never know what sort of shady activity can be found going on there.


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