Rocket League Coach Sizz Banned From Upcoming Match for Insulting Devs

by in Rocket League | Jun, 8th 2021

Emiliano “Sizz” Benny went into a profanity-filled rant, leading him to get banned from an upcoming Rocket League match. NRG’s Rocket League squad is on the way to the semifinals of the North American RLCS X Championship, but they have to do it without Sizz. There are many ways to get the devs’ attention when you feel there’s a problem with the game. Calling them “brainless monkeys” and worse is probably not the wisest way to go about it. This rant ultimately violated the Rocket League player code of conduct, leading Sizz to get banned from this match, at least.

The General NRG Without a Coach

This all went down when Sizz, Version1’s coach Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez, and the former G2 pro-Dillion “Rizzo” Rizzo, competed in the Intel Open World Qualifiers. The General NRG’s coach and friends were knocked out during a best-of-three and couldn’t bring it to overtime like they would have liked. Sizz blamed the developers for the problems with the games – network, lag problems.

We’ve all been mad at online games before, no matter what it is. I can’t tell you the number of times bad netcode has made my blood boil in various fighting games. 

But Sizz went all out, spewing profanities and insults about the loss being Psyonix’s fault. “This is f***ing garbage, dude. I just want one f***ing useless f***ing member of Psyonix, one of those useless f***ing employees, to sit and watch my stream and be like, ‘yeah, this looks normal to me.’ You stupid f***ing garbage company. F***ing disgrace, what a f***ing disgrace.”

That’s only part of the rant, frankly. He hoped the devs were watching him run them down verbally, to boot. He called the developers of Rocket League brainless monkeys, which led to Sizz getting banned from the upcoming competitive match. 

Not every problem in online gaming is up to the developers, though. Internet problems could be on our end or how far the player is from the server. Simply yelling and swearing at the devs and daring them to listen is a bold move.

The Psyonix team made a post on Reddit with their ruling and why. “During a Twitch live stream on June 1, 2021, NRG Esports coach Emiliano “Sizz” Benny violated the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) and Rocket League Player Code of Conduct. After a thorough investigation and review of the evidence, Sizz will be disqualified from coaching NRG Esports during their upcoming Semifinals match in the North American RLCS X Championship on June 17, 2021.”

Psyonix stated that they take coach behavior “extremely seriously” and that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Should Sizz continue to take shots like this and break the player conduct rules, further penalties may be handed out. The coach needs to be treated like a player, as they are an important part of the team. It doesn’t seem like the NRG squad is worried or upset, as shown in a tweet. Sizz himself appears to have yet to make an announcement or post about the ban. It’s only a one-match ban, though, and there are likely to be no further punishments delivered. 

Constructive criticism is a fine thing, but when it comes to f-bombs and insults, it’s not constructive any longer. Psyonix does point out that they “reserve the right to administer any additional discipline at our sole discretion,” so if Sizz fired back a second time, the penalty could be worse.


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