Rocket League Brings Back Quick Play Feature in Update

by in Rocket League | Oct, 2nd 2020

It seems like everything for Rocket League has been coming up Milhouse. The transition to free-to-play brought a million+ concurrent player count to the high-octane driving/soccer hybrid. So many people are coming back to the game, but there was still a problem. For some mysterious reason, Quick Play was removed from the game before going free-to-play. Not having Quick Play in Rocket League made the game very tedious to play. That’s not what you want in a game making such a huge shift in tone.

The Right Decision

That’s why we’re glad to see that in the latest update, dropping today, Quick Play is back in Rocket League! It was undoubtedly a fan-favorite way to play. Rocket League’s certainly a game that you can hop into a game, play for a few minutes, and then move on with your day (or more likely, play one more game, honest).

The Rocket League listened to their audience on this one. The outcry was real. If we were paranoid, we’d assume they took it out on purpose, get people chatting, and then put it back in to make the community happy. But that’s not likely, and more than a little silly. So, what can we do in Quick Play? You can search the same playlist you last searched for through the Play Menu. You can also bind it to a button on your controller/keyboard if you want maximum speed in jumping into games.

Honestly, that feature of binding that Quick Play search onto a key/button is brilliant. Now you don’t have to go clicking extra nonsense. Hit F2 and suddenly you’re searching for the same type of match you were in previously in Rocket League, thanks to the return of Quick Play!

Compared to other patches, this one seems small and insignificant even. But it isn’t when you consider that they put such a popular feature back into the game. It’s something the audience wanted, and they got it, so that’s what matters. I can’t imagine a game like Rocket League taking it out in the first place. It makes no sense unless nobody was using it.

Alongside Quick Play, the “infinite loading” icon for a completed Llama-Rama Challenge was fixed, alongside a bug causing “winner by most shots” to appear during a competitive match, ending it early. I mean, if you’re winning and you get a sudden win out of nowhere, that’s neat, but it’s not competitive. Challenges also correctly appear on EGS. Also, private match creation was fixed. It shouldn’t result in a black screen or Error 71 messages. But what about you guys? How’s your favorite way to play Rocket League? Let us know!


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