Rocket League Announces Renegade Cup

by in Rocket League | Sep, 13th 2018

Competitive Rocket League is in full swing as season six of the Rocket League Championship Series and the Rocket League Rival Series begun. The creator of Rocket League, Psyonix, has announced that they’ll be adding a new competitive league in the mix called the Renegade Cup.

The Renegade Cup is set up for the next generation of professional Rocket League players. The cup will feature a series of four successive monthly tournaments from October to January. Rocket League community organizers will host these tournaments. The Renegade Cup finals will be a three-day online event, host by Psyonix, with a prize pool of $20,000.

There will be more details released in an FAQ, according to the Rocket League Esports official website page. However, the website did give out a few details on the new cup, which are listed below:

  • Europe and North America will have their own Renegade Cups and Finals.
  • A team can qualify for the Cup Finals by either winning a monthly tournament or accumulating enough total cup points over the four-month period.
  • Teams earn cup points based on their finish in monthly tournaments.
  • Each monthly competition has a $5,000 prize pool.
  • The monthly tournament matches will broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • The Finals will take place in February 2019.

In the initial article on the Rocket League Esports website, it states that there won’t be a blanket format for the tournament organizers to use. Instead, they hope their community tournament organizers to put on the best tournament possible. However, the cup will be in a standard esports format with 3v3s.

The winner of the monthly tournament gains auto-qualification, while the 31 other teams gain Renegade Cup points to help them earn qualification. The four-month competition will have four auto-qualified teams, while the other eight teams are based off the cup points that they’ve received.

Rocket Baquette will host the first month of the Renegade Cup in Europe and Rival Esports in North America.

We will have more news on the Renegade Cup once more is released by Psyonix.


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