Roblox Complying to New Chinese Gametime Regulations

by in General | Sep, 9th 2021

Several games in China are scrambling to become compliant with the new regulations that the Chinese government has implemented to reduce online game time for Chinese minors. One of these regulations is a real ID system that requires users to input their Chinese ID when logging on. Companies like Tencent and NetEase have rolled out real-name registration in order to play their games outside the allotted time slot for minors, and this has created a secondary market for ‘of-age’ accounts for games like Honor of Kings, as reported in this article by Kotaku. What wasn’t certain was whether or not games from international publishers would be subject to the same restrictions, or international users attempting to log into Chinese games from abroad. Now, we finally have answers to both those questions as it seems that Roblox China, or Luobu as it’s known among Chinese users, will be compliant to these new regulations.

The Robuck Stops Here – Roblox China’s Regulations and How Users Are Responding

According to Roblox news account RTC on Twitter, Luobu players must register their account with a Chinese ID in order to use the Luobu app. We tried to register for Luobu ourselves, but the registration process requires that a friend verify your WeChat account if it’s too new or doesn’t have contacts/friends.


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