Roblox Announces Latest In-Game Concert Experience With Twenty One Pilots

by in Entertainment | Sep, 9th 2021

Roblox continues to attract musical acts and record labels to create unique in-game sets that allow artists modularity of experience that aren’t replicable in real life. Last year, we saw this with the Lil Nas X Roblox concert that allowed users to travel to different environments, with Lil Nas X’s music playing throughout. Now, Twenty One Pilots seek to translate their live show experience to Roblox in an exclusive concert on the platform.

Roblox’s Latest Musical Collaboration: The Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience

One of the reasons why artists are attracted to metaverse platforms like Roblox is because it delivers a full concert experience that feels like you’re experiencing it with a crowd or friends while enjoying it from the comfort of your device. As COVID has caused artists to postpone live events and cancel shows, there’s been a demand to find alternatives for live events. Some have turned to YouTube’s premiere feature, which allows users to tune in for the live premiere of a new video on a channel in a live chat room with other users. Yung Lean did a ‘live’ show using this method, and it did evoke the feeling of attending a small, intimate show with a crowd of fans cheering anonymously from the echo chambers of the internet. 

Smaller artists convened in digital spaces to host music festivals. Prominent examples of this would be Limp Pumpo’s Quarantine Rave which was hosted in Second Life and included artists like Kreyshawn, Sematary, and DJ Loser. Open Pit hosted Lavapalooza in August of last year to benefit The Okra Projekt in Minecraft. Prominent guests included 100 Gecs, Flatbush Zombies, A.G. Cook, Ryan Hemsworth, and Bauuer. These events emphasized the community aspect of live shows, as they were primarily geared towards enthusiasts and fans of specific genres of online/electronic music. Fans could enter the digital ‘venue,’ encounter people they know and have experiences in the virtual space divorced from the digital music performance. Twenty One Pilots and Roblox are trying to make something entirely comprehensive that sweeps the user up in a fully curated experience but with one caveat.

According to Roblox news aggregate Bloxy News, the Twenty One Pilots concert in Roblox will grant players the ability to influence the performance actively. It will allow users to control the setlist and explore the digital venue to collect tokens that can be exchanged for a “special prize.” The Twenty One Pilots page on the Roblox website showcases branded items that players can earn as rewards for participating in the concert event, including an ‘icy’ sai and a ski mask. 

Those curious about the event can go ahead and visit the digital venue now in Roblox. The environment appears to be a stylized version of Columbus, OH, where Twenty One Pilots is from. You can collect tokens and learn factoids about the band and buy merchandise from the in-game merch table. It’s unknown whether the merch carries over with your avatar into other experiences. Still, Roblox is promoting this event to be fully immersive, going as far as to motion capture Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, as seen in a video posted to the band’s socials. Roblox also mentions a ‘metaverse hunt,’ which implies that the Twenty One Pilots concert experience will connect to other Roblox experiences. 

Those curious about the event can attend the show on September 15 at 7 p.m. EST. The event will continue until the 20th, giving the event the air of exclusivity somewhat.


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