Riot Reveals New 2022 LoL Preseason Items

by in League of Legends | Sep, 28th 2021

The 2022 preseason is right around the corner, which is why the LoL dev team has decided to put out a fairly comprehensive blog post, showcase what they’ve been working on and, by proxy, give us — the players — a glimpse of what’s to come! For this piece specifically, we will focus on a bunch of new 2022 preseason items and, needless to say, we’ve already started theorycrafting as to how they might affect the game and its meta!

There’s quite a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive straight into it!

2022 Preseason | New Mage Items

The first new mage item will be a defensive Mythic and it’ll reduce incoming champion damage for a brief period of time. Its combat power, however, will fall off once the protection expires, therefore ensuring that “this item is best in the hands of champions who sling spells from a safe distance rather than ones who trade blows in closer-range brawls.”

The second one, however, is a Legendary that’ll aid mages in tearing through opposing shields by increasing magic penetration against low HP targets (and even “recently-shielded” enemies). In other words: it’s perfect for burst mages and players who are looking to snowball as early as humanly possible!

2022 Preseason | New Tank Items

Tanks, on the other hand, will be getting an offensive Mythic that’ll “reward them for getting into the middle of the enemy team and causing havoc.” Sounds pretty darn fun! Once you immobilize an enemy champion, all targets within its vicinity will take increased damage. 

Last but certainly not least, Riot is working on a Legendary tank item that’ll provide its users with a large chunk of mana and even a new effect that’ll allow them to “dip into that mana for additional shields every time they immobilize or slow enemies.” 

By the looks of it, these upcoming items are bound to make supports a whole lot stronger come 2022 preseason!

2022 Preseason | New Assassin Item

Finally, Riot’s working on a brand new assassin item (Legendary) that’s geared towards frequent spell rotations rather than burst output. It’ll come with a lot of ability haste and an exciting new effect that’ll refund a bit of your ultimate cooldown whenever “an enemy champion dies within 3 seconds of you damaging them.” Talk about a potent passive! 

We’re elated that the dev team is thinking “outside of the box” and is trying to support a broader range of playstyles. These items might not change the game per se, but they’ll no doubt enable specific champions, strategies, and might leave a much more lasting mark than expected. 

The 2022 LoL preseason dev post is incredibly detailed and rich with information, so if you want to learn more about the way League is balanced and what’s currently in the pipeline, make sure to give it a read!


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