Riot Responds to Valorant Ranked System Complaints

by in Valorant | May, 17th 2021

Let’s be honest: Many people have really been dishing out hate and anger about Valorant’s Ranked System. A wealth of criticism has been levied at it from pros and players alike. A post was made on Reddit by Jon “EvrMoar” Walker, Senior Competitive Designer outlining some of the issues. The end result was that Ranked “isn’t as bad as people think”, but they’re still working on it. The problem is that if that these reported problems “don’t exist”, what is going on that are infuriating the pros and ranked grinders of Valorant in this system? Something isn’t adding up.

It is worth noting that Valorant News on Twitter points out that Riot is tinkering with the ranked algorithm. Hopefully, this means you’ll play against people closer to your skill level. This will increase queue times likely, but it’s worth it.

“We Can’t Solve Problems That Don’t Exist”

The problems players are reporting are various. Perhaps the biggest is a lack of features like five-stack queues, or matchmaking issues. People seem to think a winners/losers queue exists, where people constantly get matched up against people that will be guaranteed to beat them. They also seem to think that their teammates are worse than they (the initial player) are. 

On the topic of a winner/loser queue, EvrMoar spoke about that in particular. 

We can’t solve problems that don’t exist. A great example is winners/losers queue. There is no such thing in Valorant matchmaking that does this, or even a reason matchmaking would make you think this occurs. So we wanted to figure out why people thought it did. After we investigated this issue, it seems to be confirmation bias that this happens. It doesn’t matter how much it doesn’t exist; if someone is adamant it does, they blame something that doesn’t exist for why ranked is terrible.

If this is true, and there is no winner or loser queue, then the problem is most definitely on the player. It could also be the matchmaking not being quality, but the blame also lies on the player. There are always going to be players that lose several matches in a row in any ranked game. That doesn’t mean the Valorant ranked system is broken. It could simply mean that the player has gone as far as their current skill has allowed them to.

The Valorant team refuses to make changes simply on backlash from the community that has no data to support it. Walker’s Reddit post was a pretty fascinating one. It’s hard to say who is really at fault though. Granted, Walker and the Valorant team have access to far more data than your average player. He made it a point to say:

I’m not here to make a system to give you a free rank you don’t deserve, which unfortunately causes a large amount of negative feedback. I can try and make the frustrations or experiences better where there are known issues, and investigate and keep trying to solve for players that feel like there are problems.

The Reddit post does point out that they are looking into data, player feedback, keeping an eye on players directly, and more. They will make improvements when data suggests it needs to. There are issues being addressed though. It’s not to say Riot’s doing nothing about the Valorant ranked system. Right now, they’re looking into the smurf issue, and ways to combat and avoid the toxicity issue the game presently has. But as for now, they’re confident there is no problem with the Ranked System. We’ll have to see if they walk this back over the next few weeks and months. It’s a very lengthy, but interesting Reddit thread, that’s linked above, should you wish to browse it.


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