Riot Might Add a Seventh Item Slot in League of Legends

by in League of Legends | Nov, 17th 2021

Here’s something that came out nowhere: Riot has accidentally leaked that League of Legends might be getting a seventh item slot sooner rather than later. We’re not sure why this would happen (most folks certainly weren’t clamoring for it), but it’s an interesting addition that would undoubtedly affect the game in huge, sweeping ways.

Whether or not it’d be a positive change is up for debate, but it’s definitely worth talking about.

As Real As It Gets

We know it’s legit because it popped up in one of Riot’s recent dev posts and was then quickly removed — someone “spilled the beans” far too ahead of time. Fortunately, word got out faster than Riot could react, and so now we’re here.

If this change really does go through, it would be the first time in LoL’s history that a whole new item slot is added. Riot did introduce trinkets back in Season 4, but in-game builds were always capped at six items — no exceptions.

The only thing we’re wondering is whether this is just an internal test, something that the dev team is currently thinking about but will never ship, or a “feature” that’s in the pipeline for, say, Season 13? It could really be both, in all fairness, although we’re definitely leaning towards the latter.

Riot’s “official” response is fairly clear:

“No plans for a seventh item. We’ve been exploring thoughts for what to do with the extra space but it won’t be ‘hey you get to buy an extra item’ cause that has way more impact beyond the scoreboard,” said Paul “Aether” Perscheid, Communications Lead at Riot.

A direct, straight-to-the-point kind of answer, but we’re not fully convinced. It’s highly unlikely that the graphics department had the authority to make such a big change to the scoreboard without reporting to someone else — it’s not something that is done on a whim or as a means to have a bit of fun. Thousands upon thousands of people read these dev posts and they’re often dissected into the tinies bits and pieces. The only rational explanation (to us, at least) is that someone showed off more than what was planned, but that’s just a theory and it could very well be wrong.

Either way, a seventh item slot in League of Legends definitely got us thinking! We’d love to see it implemented in a time-limited game mode like URF so as to gauge its viability and then, if it “passes the test,” have it integrated into normal and ranked play as well. Riot is no stranger to making huge, sweeping changes to the game, and increasing the item cap would definitely switch things up a bit!


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