Riot Games Unveils LCS Rebrand Ahead of 2021 Season

by in League of Legends | Jan, 5th 2021

LCS fans don’t just have a fantastic new format to look forward to — their favorite region has undergone a thorough rebrand too! And, by the looks of it, it’s quite a stellar one! What an immense rollercoaster the last couple of months have been for those partial to the North American LCS. We witnessed many historic signings, familiar faces moving across the Atlantic, an influx of promising OPL talent, and now, as a cherry on top, a slick new branding that’ll tie it all together in the best possible way!

By the looks of it, the much beloved LEC aesthetic (fast-paced and kinetic) served as inspiration, and rightfully so. That whole rebrand has been absolutely integral in LEC’s recent success and has separated Europe from the rest of the pack in the best possible sense — it gave the LEC an identity that is wholly unique. And now, we’re witnessing much of the same over in North America. Whether they share a bit too much of the same DNA is less important at this point in time — they’re two similar takes, with the LCS one focusing most on the promising superstars of tomorrow.

In any case, a thorough rebrand was long overdue. 

2021 LCS Rebrand | At Long Last

The LCS of the past was always in a strange state of flux when it comes to aesthetics. It wasn’t necessarily outdated, but certain decisions made it look a lot less modern and engaging than most other major regions. Fortunately, that’ll finally change for the better! We should be getting a detailed breakdown of the whole rebrand in a matter of days, seeing how the LCS Lock-In is scheduled to begin on January 15th.

All in all, Riot has made all the right changes to the LCS over the course of the off-season, and we cannot wait for the Spring Split to begin! If things pan out as expected, we should be in for one heck of a season!


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